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The Wholesale Failure of American Foreign Policy

From Daniel L. Davis: Airstrikes and drone attacks are accidentally killing thousands of civilians, aid workers, wedding parties, and now even the troops of a nation against whom we are not at war. Each of these mistakes, repeated hundreds of … Continue reading

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Trump Campaign Releases “Ten Inconvenient Truths About The Clinton Foundation”

From Zero Hedge: After a year and a half of looking into the Clinton Foundation, Ortel summarized his findings as follows: “An educated guess, based upon ongoing analysis of the public record begun in February 2015, is that the Clinton … Continue reading

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This Is How Much Liquidity Deutsche Bank Has At This Moment, And What Happens Next

From Zero Hedge: When Citi’s note exposing DB’s undercapitalization came out, it had precisely zero impact on the price of DB stock. Why? Because as we said above, capitalization – and solvency – tends to be a largely worthless, pro-forma … Continue reading

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Police Pay Gap: Many of America’s Finest Struggle on Poverty Wages

From NBC News: Data obtained by NBC News from 24 municipal police departments in St. Louis County reveal a gulf between police officer pay in poor, majority African-American northern cities and wealthier, whiter cities further south. Average annual patrol officer … Continue reading

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Police Originated From ‘Slave Catching Patrols’

From CCN: Take any course on criminal justice or any history course addressing this period in British history and they will all unequivocally inform you that the Metropolitan Police Service was the first professional police force in human history, and … Continue reading

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UN Mission in Afghanistan Confirms Death of 15 Civilians in Airstrike by Drone

From Sputnik News: The UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) confirmed on Thursday the death of 15 civilians in an airstrike, targeting the Daesh extremists, conducted by an unmanned aerial vehicle of the US Air Force-Afghanistan.

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US To Suspend Syria Diplomacy With Russia, Prepares “Military Options”

From Zero Hedge: According to US officials, the Obama administration is now considering tougher responses to the Russian-backed Syrian government assault on Aleppo, including military options. According to Reuters, the new discussions were being held at “staff level,” and have … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Needs To Declare the Trade War Lost

From Moyers & Co.: In a close race, every constituency is key — including the long-neglected. A new New York Times analysis of likely voters shows the percentage of white voters without a college degree who say they’re planning to … Continue reading

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Samantha Powers’ crocodile tears over Syria prelude to NATO bombs

From Tapestry: The implication in the Western mass media is that Syrian and Russian air forces are bombarding indiscriminately across civilian districts of the city. The same desperate tone and bias is ubiquitous in all Western media outlets. However, if … Continue reading

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John Kerry Gives Russia An Ultimatum: Stop Bombing Aleppo Or All Cooperation Ends

From Zero Hedge: In the latest, and most dramatic – if perhaps entertaining – escalation of diplomacy between the US and Russian, earlier today Secretary of State John Kerry threatened to cut off all contacts with Moscow over Syria, unless … Continue reading

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