Samantha Power Unhinged at UNSC

From Brandon Turbeville:

To anyone even somewhat familiar with the situation on the ground in Syria and to most of the world, Samantha Power came across looking like the absolute monster that she is. Only within the borders of the United States and Western Europe would Power have any credibility whatsoever. To the rest of the world, however, her aggressive speech was nothing more than the rantings of either a liar or an individual suffering under a great delusion who was unfortunately allowed in front of a microphone at a world event. Power’s feeble attempts at mimicking the speech and mannerisms of Barack Obama were stunted by reality and by the fact that well over 90% of her speech could be disproven within seconds of typing on a keyboard.

But while Powers threw her fit and humiliated herself and the United States even further, she did at least succeed in disrupting the meeting itself. Russian Ambassador to the U.N. Vitaly Churkin stormed out of the meeting claiming he had “never seen such American heavy-handedness.”

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