From Caitlin Johnstone:

I support Jill Stein because I want to help cost the Democrats the election this year. If we give them the progressive vote after they rigged their election to install a corporatist war hawk whose career has been a continuous assault on progressive values, we may be sure that they’ll keep doing exactly that. This will allow the Democratic party to keep moving to the right in advancement of the neoliberal agenda, which will in turn free up the Republican party to move even further to the right (which is how we got Trump in the first place), allowing for an overall movement to the right for the entirety of American politics in the long-term. I find this much, much more dangerous than four years of President Trump…

The Iraq invasion was an unforgivable evil that needlessly unleashed unfathomable suffering and devastation upon our world and violently ended the lives of over a million Iraqis. In my book helping to make it happen is the single worst thing that Hillary Clinton has ever done…

DNC lawyers are now openly admitting to rigging the election by trying to get the class action lawsuit against them dismissed on the grounds that voters already knew the process was rigged anyway…

No, privilege is sitting at your computer in your first-world home telling strangers on the internet that they’re “privileged” for not electing a woman who has been getting bombs dropped on brown-skinned Muslims throughout her entire political career.

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