Climbing From the Wreckage

Those few of you reading this already know who I am, but please bear with me as I provide some sort of introduction.

I started this blog a few weeks ago after shutting down my old one, which I have a habit of doing every couple of years.  I enraged, libeled and slandered at least one person every week: usually a local pol or fellow blogger.

This time, I had lost it with a blogger of whom I’d been fond of for years, especially during the years we fought the Tea Party and the NC Legislature.  But in June of last year, he succumbed to left-wing authoritarianism and set about abusing Trump supporters online.

During those years, I built a left-wing echo chamber on Facebook, which I promptly shut down when I killed the blog.  I’ve spent the last couple of weeks turning my Twitter account into a right-wing echo chamber of Trump supporters.

It’s not going well.

In 2014, I was sued by the local Tea Party for proving they were funded by three strip clubs.  (I’m lucky like that.)  Ed Cone got me a pro-bono NYC 1St Amendment attorney, but I shut down that blog, which essentially ended the complaint. We spent several weeks helping them reference the right website and other things, so it would go away.

I also called a local Republican a “dumbass” and he showed up at the Wife’s women’s clothing store where I run the website and take care of logistics.  I was gonna let him beat my ass, but the Wife chased me off with a dress hanger.  I hung out with my Mom at the beach for a couple of weeks while the Wife found me an apartment in the hood.  I was there six weeks and really enjoyed it.

I spent last September moving the Wife’s store, which nearly killed me.  I spent a week hanging out with Mom at the beach.

All this began because we were working and living together.  This summer ended with a formal separation agreement after twenty years.  I’m in the rental I bought thirty years ago, after my Dad died.

I like it here.  I have room for all my stuff, rather than just hanging out in the man cave.  I’m discovering music I’d missed and eating what I want, but I’m keeping my nose clean because we run a successful business together and because we don’t know anybody else.

We were popular once, but that all ended when we opened the store in 2000.  I spent the next ten years trying to make it as a programmer.  I’d done OK until NAFTA in ’94 and then got by mostly doing insurance work.  I was glad to get out.

The problem with hanging out with Trump supporters is they are nowhere near as smart and hip as the liberals.  Indeed, a lot of them are Christofascists.

For three years, I pretty much used Chris Hedges to beat Teatards over the head, to great effect considering they were right-wing authoritarians who believed in magic.

Hedges doesn’t like Trump.

So, here I am with a bunch of smelly Trump supporters and cut off from all my liberal friends.  Allow me to tell you how this came to pass.

In May 2014, as I was being sued by the Teatards for pretending to be Tammy Tightenloud, a dwarf transvestite Hooter’s waitress and part-time stripper, the US State Dept. engineered the Maidan Revolution in Kiev, Ukraine.  I’d always read Zero Hedge and Naked Capitalism, so I knew something about the economy, which naturally included foreign policy.  I’d become aware some months before that Putin had worked wonders in Russia against the oligarchs and the IMF and World Bank who’d installed their version of a central bank.

I’ve never liked Hillary and had come to despise W., so when Obomber became a continuation of Gitmo, torture and other war crimes, I was hot.  When Vicki Nuland was caught saying “Fuck the EU,” from Ukraine, I was on the case and up to speed when the  snipers shot the cops and blamed it on rebels.

Over the next couple of years, I read about how right-wing parties are opposing IMF austerity all over Europe.  I also watched Secretary Clinton wage war in Ukraine, Libya, Syria and Yemen, creating and funding ISIS.

Putin’s success against Russian and foreign oligarchs set the example for similar right wing parties fighting IMF austerity.  When Trump came out of nowhere last summer, he fit the mold of those battling neoliberalism, globalism and imperialism.

However, I’m doomed on Twitter.  It’s not enough for me to battle the left-wing authoritarians: I must do the same with those on the right.  At least the latter have the courage of their convictions, but I will try to make the Christofascists understand that they belong in the political wilderness with Paul Ryan and Ted Cruz, having destroyed the GOP.

For me, it is just as well that Trump spews inflammatory nonsense, because herding these cats whose only similarity is opposition to the status quo is impossible otherwise.  He put people like me at rest by addressing globalism and imperialism.  Everything else is bread and circuses.  Besides, he’s a human microaggression machine designed to constantly enrage the social justice warriors on the left.  In fact, he performs the same function as the diabolical NCHB2.

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