Do not fear the dirty, unwashed hordes. Your attorney is going to turn you into BBQ.

I wrote this in April.  It is highly informed by John Michael Greer.

What we are witnessing now is the disintegration of the salary class.  Our plight was predictable: we had less intelligence, breeding and education.  They are horrified that the inexorable pull of deflation has reached them.  They’d done everything right.  They were brilliant and beautiful.  God had always smiled upon them.  What has happened to God?

Beyond feeling entitled, many have never developed beyond narcissism and materialism.  And few things remove the illusion of control like debt.

But nothing makes one feel more helpless than having children.  They truly are subjecting an innocent into a world increasingly unkind.

And so you begin to see that the combination of disappointment, debt and children leads to mental disease.  Whereas inverted totalitarianism ensures the welfare and wage classes self-medicate and remain relatively placid, these captains of industry, with killer instincts, will quickly become actual killers.  If one of them cuts you off in an Escalade,  they are probably better fed, more fit, smarter and more desperate than you.  When this crowd of disaffected professionals gets started, it is going to be something to see.  And since they broke it, they can fix it.

Dystopian novels/movies fail to accurately portray what is about to happen.  Two weeks after the nearest Harris-Teeter closes, there will be parts of poor people on the barbie in every country club and gated community.  These people are already savages.  Their class defines them as ruthless.  Do not fear the dirty, unwashed hordes.  Your attorney is going to turn you into BBQ.

The terrible highway from entitlement to abandoning hope tortures the soul to the point of madness.  To whom can they appeal?  The terror the salary class inflicted upon the wage class has been a raging success.  The brightest minds in the professional class have optimized commerce so that profit has been extinguished and we burn the fuel of credit.  They may have noticed over the years that the oligarchs are not especially interested in their plight.

Whereas the wage class were denied the opportunity to work, the salary class are positioned to wreak havoc on the system and will do great harm before they are heard.

Compared to the envy of the salary class by the welfare and wage classes, that which the former feels for the oligarchs is enormous: after all, the latter had no expectation of making the leap, whereas VPs and associates crucified themselves on that wheel.  Therefore, the global war against the oligarchs will be waged by desperate functionaries: the essential personnel in a privatized neglected infrastructure.

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