Opposing the Right

Last Tuesday, I found time to go downtown, stand in line at the county courthouse with about 100 people of every description, and vote.  I chose Trump and then every Democrat on the ballot.  That may seem odd to you, but it makes sense to me.

I’ve been a registered Republican all my life and was horrified with the advent of Christian evangelical authoritarians and their attempts to impose their version of Sharia law upon the citizens.  I opposed them vehemently and hopefully humorously for three years.  As useful idiots, their masters, the Libertarians, dispensed with their foolishness in the pursuit of privatization and austerity.  This was combined with outrageous gerrymandering, much of which has been struck down by the courts, that will virtually guarantee the next few elections.

So, all the GOP rat bastards who have laid waste to NC since 2010 will go back in, with the hopeful exception of McCrory.  His behavior has been embarrassing.  HB2 has caused a fissure in the GOP between the Christofascists and Art Pope and the Koch brothers.  The latter find themselves in the uncomfortable position of being blackmailed by the former as the state lies bleeding in the street like a clown.

However, all of Hillary Clinton‘s many chickens coming home to roost at the same time is Biblical in contemporary political context, at least.  Only Donald Trump could make this a close race, as she is easily the worst POTUS candidate imaginable.  Fortunately, she has Wall Street and the media behind her to bash Trump 24-7, but a month of daily Wikileaks has evened things some, ignored as they have been.

Of course, the polls undeniably turn to Trump, helped by the videos of James O’Keefe and a suddenly rabid FBI.  The Russian gambit was weak to begin with and is now falling apart as the media find themselves humiliated.  The Kuznetsov steams toward Tartus as the Truman and Roosevelt lie in wait for a possible carrier engagement, if the ancient Russian carrier can continue under her own power.  Otherwise, she may need a tow to turn into the wind.

Meanwhile, NATO countries are massing on the Russian border in Latvia and Poland and having war games in Romania, on the border of Ukraine, our most recent failed attempt at imperial conquest.

Hillary, her Responsibility to Protect and neocon friends, want to start WWIII as badly as they want the presidency, and apparently one does not preclude the other.  Of course, Putin knows all this is and is playing our diplomats and generals like the fools they are.  He also makes a distinction between the status quo and the actual desires of the American people.  The neocons in both parties have had a hard-on for the Russians since they destroyed the Germans for us in WWII.

Trump, regardless of anything else, puts an end to those situations.  NATO will stand down and our navy will not impede the Russian fleet returning to its home in the Black Sea.  Of course, that was before we broke Syria and Russia was invited to establish a new base at Tartus on the Med in Syria.  No matter who wins next week, Obomber has plenty of time to get our worn out military whipped by his Russia’s new toys and weapons.

I’ve heard tales for years about how our general staff has been denuded of good soldiers serving under lunatic presidents as far back as LBJ and Vietnam.  If our military command staff is as moribund as our ordnance; indeed if the DoD is as sclerotic as the CIA and NSA; we’re asking for a lot of trouble.  No doubt, Putin knows that, too.

Putin also knows that the worst drought in Syria in 900 years, combined with the Zionist neocons’ romp across Iraq, and with Hillary’s direction, Libya and Yemen, abetted by a Turkish autobahn of refugees out and insurgents into Syria, Europe would be destabilized with Muslims.  After all, Putin has his own problems with them, radicalized as they have been by the West and Saudi Arabia.

The US has great experience of this with the Latinos, who are also fortunately Christian.  Hell, they make great Americans and the Muslims do, too, except that our State Dept. works feverishly to demonize them so that we will have a credible enemy to battle in land grabs.  ISIS is literally straight out of central casting, dreamed up and produced by the same Zionists who gave us Hollywood.  The Rendon Group ginned up Chalibi for the Pentagon in Iraq and those atrocious ISIS videos may as well have been filmed on the MGM back lot.

Again, Trump puts an end to all that.  Indeed, the only reason he’s still alive is the fantastic appearance of incompetence.  JFK, RFK and MLK might have gone farther as pratfall artists.  And Trump’s dad ain’t Joe Kennedy.  This guy has nearly zero corporate backing with a staff of dedicated campaign retreads and family loyalists.  I hear Sheldon Adelson flipped him $25M and Reince Priebus put it to good use with ads.  That’s right: despite the bombacity, the GOP machine is on board.

With a few days to go, I seriously doubt if the Fates have yet another shower of shit for Hillary, such as the insanely hilarious circumstance of Tony Weiner‘s ephebophilic laptop containing 650K of Huma‘s emails.  And it would happen to be in the custody of the FBI, suddenly in the fight of its life for credibility.  Still, Wikileaks claims to be saving the best for last, as lots of people who voted early for Hillary regret their impulsive decision.

Again, regardless of the outcome, the DOJ looks really bad  right now.  Lynch and Kadzik are probably doomed.  As Obomber looks to polish the turd which is his legacy, there will need to be scapegoats, especially at Justice.

The media is beginning to recover from the Clinton Koolaid it’s been quaffing since last June as evidenced by the odd article and editorial admitting it’s all been a regrettable sham best forgotten ASAP.  Clinton is the most convenient victim possible and her own may destroy her before the opposition get the chance.

I don’t think anyone has illusions that the election of Trump means anything in the face of such fatally entrenched regulatory corporate capture of the federal government by both parties.  Trump is neither and therefore holds no power, except for that conferred upon him by the electorate.  That used to mean something.

I am encouraged by what is happening at the FBI.  Scott Adams says Comey took two bullets for this country by failing to recommend prosecution and then changing his mind with possession of the Weiner laptop.  Again, it must really be something.  Actually, I’m hoping it’s not something to do with the Lolita Express, but this Arkansas white trash never fails to surprise me.

If we make it to Spring, I hope to see a bunch of people indicted for perjury and under the RICO act.  Trump will have a lot on his plate, but he’s been besieged by enemies on every side all this time and done just fine.  Turning the bucolic bulldog from Greenville, SC loose on the endemic regulatory capture in DC would be worth the price of C-Span on cable.

Regardless of whether we find a way to stop WWIII with the Russians, Europe is coming apart and a Trump victory would at least put the central bankers on notice that neoliberal austerity abroad is not in anyone’s best interest.  Indeed, we are all in a pitched battle against the fifth column oligarchs.  Look to Ukraine as an example of their tactics.  Only the perverted and deranged will work for them.  True mercenaries adhering to a code of honor would not tolerate what the neo-nazis are doing in the Donbass.

Which brings me back to the FBI.  This world is full of men and women of valor who are sick of what they’ve seen and dying for an opportunity at redemption.  Trump offers them that chance and at least one federal agency has come forward.  So, in a sense the election is already decided by those disgusted by the status quo.  Democracy may be dead, but perhaps not its participants and their desire to wrest it from evil.

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2 Responses to Opposing the Right

  1. Reading this made me want an aspirin, and perhaps therapy. That’s either a compliment to the power of your writing style, or a rejection of the idea content, possibly both.


  2. Fec says:

    Sorry. It’d been a few days since I had a really big dump. I feel so much better now.

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