The Inevitability of Fascism

The 2016 Republican presidential primary was a complete repudiation of establishment politics. The election was a resounding rejection of the status quo.  The winner may as well have been a lampshade, such was the antipathy toward Clinton.  Trump is not a lampshade, but an amateur politician forced to go pro by fates which favor the bold.  And like Obama before him, Trump dared to be audacious.

So, here were are with Soros-funded riots in every major city.  Of course, they’re disaffected liberals, but still a huge problem for law enforcement, whom the left abuses as just more of the help.  Fortunately, WikiLeaks has fairly informed us as to Podesta’s mendacity, if not perverse diversions.  We have ample video evidence of rigged elections and an FBI which in turns sounds the alarm and demurs.

As Trump is introduced to the CFR, replete with war criminals and murderous greedheads, the world waits to see if the lamp has a spine or magically turns into a Republican.  At these moments, I hope Orange Elvis reaches into his pocket, massages Paul Ryan’s nuts and remembers the unique moment in history to eschew conservatism for nationalism.

We are also waiting for Trump to condemn a KKK parade in celebration of his victory in Pelham, NC, where the SPLC has posted the chapter on its hate map for years.  Allow me to tell why he won’t: it gives liberals the vapors.  As a life-long resident of this state, and as the fascist legislature exhibits, racism exists far beyond the KKK.

With concerns for labor, trade and peace, Trump has proclaimed himself a paleocon isolationist, which implies nationalism and its attendant fascism.  He has also indicated detente with Israel’s right wing Netanyahu, rather than Obama showing them one hand while executing their imperial ambitions with the other.  For me, that is Trump’s first test: can he hold up against the pervasive onslaught of AIPAC?

Modifying existing trade agreements is a good idea, given the savage destruction wrought by globalism, but none of Trump’s agenda works without peace.  Indeed, removal of Zionist influence constitutes an existential threat to our nation and may not be possible.

In the ’90s I helped a guy build a furniture company, only to be cut off at the ankles by NAFTA, but even then it was hard to find people necessary to run a manufacturing facility.  Many of  the skills required to rebuild infrastructure for good jobs simply no longer exist.  These and other unavoidable realities pretty much doom a Trump admin from the outset.  Factor in the fantastic pressure to yield to crony capitalism and regulatory capture and Trump’s situation becomes forlorn, indeed.

Fortunately for us, Europe has gorged on disaffected youths speaking a foreign language and subject to radicalisation, necessitating a hard turn to the right and lots of fascism dealing with their existential threat, which they will not survive.

The oligarchs were betting they could bring America to its knees and a Clinton victory would have sealed the deal. So now they’re working Plan B and hoping a neophyte president-elect fails to find his bearings.

A guy who owns over 500 companies is a master of managing issues and putting out fires, exactly the skill set required of a chief executive.  Surrounded by a loyal staff, his time will be put to productive use rather than perusing his disposition matrix for the next droning opp and responding to people like AIPAC, who probably threatened to put a bullet behind Obama’s ear eight years ago.

Regardless, fascism will be all the rage in Europe by the time Trump is inaugurated.  Coming down hard on unruly segments of society will be expected, if not actually demanded.  The Clinton gang is cornered as are their surrogates in Syria.  A quick wink to Putin and the latter will become a pink mist memory.  The Clintons are going into a zoo.  A prison isn’t the proper venue for their kind, but a compound to watch Bill and the Podesta brothers prowl as their prostates enlarge would outdraw Disney World.

Yes, fascism is inevitable and it could be a good thing.  At the least, the abuse of human rights serves as a warning against globalism by its victims.

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