Ukraine Comes to America

Those of us paying attention knew that the 2014 Maidan Revolution in Ukraine was just the latest in a series of countries destabilized by American Imperialism almost since its founding.  We also knew that at the appropriate time that great engine would be turned upon our citizens.

The election of Donald Trump is that moment.  The oligarchs are funding violence in all our major cities in opposition.  John Podesta said in one of his emails that we are an Empire now, and apparently they are prepared to fight to keep it.

Soros Plan B rolled out quickly and with a lot of organization and props.  The Thin Blue Line, diminished as it is by poverty and misuse, cannot stand up to this for long.  They’re trying to find a way to impose martial law, so that we can be rounded up and exterminated.

The National Guard comes next, also diminished by the economy, and will probably dissolve from fatigue.  There are a lot of disaffected youths available to wreak havoc for pay.  It’s almost a benefit of wrecking the economy.

So, this is the tipping point.  The only thing which can stop it is their money and it is infinite.  Citizens will demand martial law for protection, But Soros will find himself, like Poroshenko in Ukraine, unable to field an army, especially as the current one melts into the scenery to lead the American Insurgent Army.

It’s one thing to hire thugs in the street.  It’s another to take hold of our vast defense assets to turn against us.  But, in a broad sense that has already happened.  Domestic surveillance and sneaky shit from the FBI Counterterrorism Unit indicate our government is prepared to turn on us for the right price.

Can Soros buy a victory?  Probably not, but not for the obvious failures of hubris.  Soros tried to destroy Russia in the ’90s and Putin literally put a price on his head in August.  All the nationalist movements in Russia, Europe and here share an opposition to the oligarchs.  For the next 80 days, Obama will let the violence continue until his legacy is a cinder and his presidency a martyrdom.

As Putin has indicated, if they can make war upon us, America can make war upon them.  Podesta seems to think he has control of the government, or at least indicated such to Soros.  We shall see, but I don’t think so.  I think you may see nationalist movements like Putins and Trumps create an environment for the oligarchs where no place is safe.

Putin told the oligarchs to stay out of religion and politics or he would jail them.  Come now finally to understand that Putin is the leader of the war against the oligarchs.  And just as he has bested them in Crimea and Ukraine, he will help Trump to best them here.  Russians are a peace-loving people and want only good things for America.

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