Trump is Torquemada

I had to sit through yet another article by Chris Hedges, my fucking guru, today where he misrepresented Trump because he isn’t acting like Hitler.  Let’s get this straight, once and for all.  DJT precipitated from relatively new money, and continues to lay it all on the line in deals that are as bombastic as his personality.This guy swings for the fence every time.  Maybe he’s from Brooklyn.

The human microaggression machine blew up Di Blasio this morning and the MSM this afternoon.  As the President-Elect, he’s calling people in and chewing their asses.  Lovely.

Apparently, Barry has opened the floodgate of immigrants on our Southern border, but immigration officers have gone rogue for the new President and will quell them.

Barry would love to open a very old can of whoopass on Vladimir, who’s spent the last few years building our rocket engines and developing missiles which approach target at Mach 3, obviating the ridiculous possibility of defense.  So Barry will soon be gone, as ignominiously as possible.

I suppose Greenwald yet maintains defense against the Fake News virus, but Scahill is gone, along with Taibbi.  If Donald turns out to be a degenerate like Podesta, I will be a chimpanzee in Vegas.  Hedges needs to spend more time feeling that Trump love groove.  Today, was fucking awesome, and it was only Monday.  Electing Trump is like America taking a tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, where we’ve got the Golden Ticket and the liberals are all Veruca Salt.

The only people I hate worse than Christofascists are Libtards, which makes me a far left Trump supporter.  Even so, I’m totally able to appreciate that The Donald is not a politician at all, and certainly not a Republican.  He’ll be taking a dump and having Paul Ryan lick it up by the weekend.

Fuck fascism.  This is about retribution.

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