Will Trump Continue the Afghan Genocide?

From Abdul Kadir Mohmand at Veterans Today:

I am not a war profiteer. I have been working for peace for the past thirty years. In the 1980s, as a Representative of the Afghan Mujaheddin for North America, I brought the Afghan /Pashtun leaders to Washington D.C. to meet President Reagan, which resulted in deals that ultimately crushed the Soviet Union (please see my attached biography, photographs and article). The United States is my homeland and Afghanistan is my motherland. My children’s maternal ancestors fought for the United States’ independence in the Revolutionary War. I hate war. My goal is to achieve true peace in Afghanistan which will benefit both the United States and Afghanistan. This point in time, with a new U.S. administration coming into power, it is the right time to make a change from a war strategy to a peace strategy. The war strategy has only made ordinary Americans poorer and less safe. It has left the United States with trillions in debt. Instead of spending tax dollars and borrowing money for war, it needs to be spent on infrastructure, which will lead to increased security. With a bankrupt economy and poor infrastructure, the United States cannot be secure and cannot continue to be a superpower. The war in Afghanistan has to end.

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