Hegemon is Dying

For those of you keeping score, the Wife and I officially separated in August, divesting myself of any ownership in her home and the business, for which I am receiving fair settlement.  You may remember I served the tenant notice to quit my rental on the 1st, and such was her fear of me (I am ruthless with white trash, lest I backslide) that I once again took possession of the He-Man Woman Haters Club.

About two weeks passed before the Wife and I, having owned a store for sixteen years, discovered we had no friends and began hanging out on weekends.  The cats were happy for it and we have enjoyed our days off, often traveling to nearby towns.

I run her website and Black Friday has become enormous.  Of course, anyone can give it away.  I’d love to tell more, but it’s like Fight Club: we don’t talk about the website.

At the end of September, I stopped reading Facebook due to the noise, closed my moderately successful local blog, moved to Twitter and have been tearing it up there ever since.  Facebook is made up of family and friends, the election had become too contentious to involve them and I was done with local politics.

The echo chamber I built on Twitter prior to the election was rent asunder after the election when I started going after the Christofascists and gun nuts.  But I’ve battled back with Russophiles and am in great shape to make a difference in foreign policy, and by that I mean peace.

I’ll admit to getting a bit skittish when Trump appointed retired generals Flynn, Mattis and Kelly, but subsequent events indicate he is preparing for civil war.  The fake news thing was weak, as is the Russian hacking ruse.  I think they’ve shot their wad.  It’s not like the neocons were ever tactical geniuses.  Think about it: they got their ass literally handed to them with the defeat of the right wing warrior queen and today Aleppo is liberated from their proxy terrorists.  Hell, even John Bolton is on board against the  CIA.

So, the appointment of Tillerson at State says everything.  David Brock and John Podesta are poster boys for a party perverted by avarice.  The Clintons may recline into their dotage thoroughly defeated, but someone, and by that I also mean the CIA’s Brennan, must pay.

In 38 days, ascendant Russia will be Trump’s partner among peace-loving nations putting a stop to terrorism born of malicious greed.  The global war against the nation-less oligarchs continues apace.  Hegemon is dying.  Let the world rejoice.

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