Putin is a Great American


I have this pic on my Facebook and Twitter accounts and it might be enough to get me censored, if not actually arrested for treason.  It’s not like I fly my freak flag all the time.  I obey the traffic laws, make sure to signal, pay my taxes  and do what the doctor tells me.  But this is where I refuse to be compliant.  Opposition to yellow journalism regarding Russia and Putin is where I plant my flag… er hat.

It might be different if there was a shred of evidence Russia hacked the DNC or leaked emails to Wikileaks, but there isn’t.  Indeed, there is lots of evidence to indicate Russia was framed, and badly.  And now there is to be an arbiter of “fake news” funded by George Soros and Pierre Omidyar of eBay.  Pathetic.

The Electoral College remains under siege in an attempt to get 37 GOP electors to vote for Killary.  Good luck with that.  In fact, from the Craigslist-sourced anti-Trump protesters to the sad Russia smear, the warmongering Neocons are showing their efforts to be moribund as thinking people look on bewildered.  So go ahead and censor me;  I insist upon it.  The truth may die, but they’re gonna have to silence people like me to do it.

I’m afraid the neoliberal fascism practiced by the NCGA is being replicated in Trump’s appointment of cabinet members, from climate change to Social Security.  Even infrastructure projects are gonna go to private industries, making the wealthy richer.  And while it is fashionable to blame Trump for these appointments, so in DC as in Raleigh, the Left must accept responsibility for being out of touch with the electorate.

I wish that were the extent of it, but it is not.  The MSM darling of self improvement, JD Vance, with his book, Hillbilly Elegy, is doing TED talks proving it is possible to rise from the rust belt to an investment banker and that the haves and have nots are capable of dialogue and improvement of inequality with empathy.  There’s just one problem with that notion: as we quickly learned when the GOP took over the NCGA in 2010, those in power have no intention of empathy or dialogue.  They blame the victim, a feature of fascism, to justify gutting the social safety net, privatizing services and selling off anything not nailed down.

Remember how warm and fuzzy we felt about W’s treatment of immigrants, only to see him explode the envelope of executive privilege with extraordinary rendition and the illegal invasion of Iraq?  Likewise, we had a lot of hope for Obama, but got very little audacity.  His last days in office are in concert with the Clintons’ attempt to overturn the election and foment war with Russia.  So yeah, Trump has fooled us, but he’s far from the first.

I was looking at vids of people protesting the NCGA wilding from McCrory’s loss by limiting powers of the new governor.  They were dressed nicely, probably lived in McMansions, drove new cars and were mortgaged to the hilt.  How in the hell are these people in a position to risk anything for justice?  Souls which might have been put to righteous service had long ago been sold to the bankers.  Those on the right are no better: false Christians who believe in prosperity gospel and false conservatives who would impose their version of sharia law where justice cries out for compassion.

And as these bigots, racists and xenophobes take over DC, as they have done Raleigh, it does no good to complain: in fact, it motivates them to pass legislative obscenities like HB2.  We have seen that they have no ability to lead, only a fervent desire to tear down in the mantra of limited government.  There are no Trump supporters among the enlightened: only those who refused to elect Hillary.  We have truly chosen the lesser of two evils.  Our challenge now is to appeal to these right wing authoritarians – a task failing miserably in North Carolina.  And the left has retreated to their version of authoritarianism, leaving thinking moderates besieged on both sides by unseeing, unfeeling and unreasoning hatred.

JD Vance is a fraud.  The ramparts are too high on left and right for reason to prevail.  The political establishment will not embrace a universal basic income and instead move to cut the social safety net, worsening societal collapse because that is how they want it.  They aren’t interested in creating jobs: they want us to die and millions, with the aid of alcohol and drugs, will do exactly that before someone finds a way to stop them.

So, if you want to censor me for supporting a country which has successfully fought off the oligarchs in defense of its citizens, go for it.  At least history will remember me well.

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