Mock and Shame

I got up leaves for 7 fucking hours this week and am shredded.  I’m also drunk.  Oh yeah, my use of colons has been a bit exorbitant, lately.  I’ll try to watch it, when a semicolon would d just as well.

Sometimes, you have to blow your own horn.  I know about Alinsky, SunTzu, Machiavelli, Lee Atwater and Karl Rove.  I fought the local Tea Party to a draw, with some fantastic luck.  I backed into this Trump thing by becoming a Russophile.  In politics, I’m lucky.  God likes me, or more importantly, I amuse him.

I run a website for a large size women’s clothing store.  You remember that guy from Goodfella’s, Morry, and what happened to him?  Not me.  I’m Jimmy in this story.

Anyway, when faced with authoritarians, whether they be mudheads or black orthopedic  neurosurgeons, the thing is to tear out the wiring by bludgeoning them with their own doctrine: WWJD works great on the Christofascists; hit’em in the ribs with the Gospels when they’re not looking.

You may have noticed a lot of physicians are authoritarian.  Well, think about it: they have to be in order to survive, professionally.  Poor bastards.  Little more than robots.  You and me, we got it made: unless we have a job or a spouse.  But enough about me.

I know from which I speak, having hoisted local authoritarians, some of them physicians, on their own petards, for years, to my own delight and others.  I invented Erectile Narcolepsy and Ear Breathing.  I have serious chops.

It is a target-rich environment.  I once exorcised a 2500 member Baptist church congregation and received an email reply from God.  He has fashioned a world replete with opps to mock and shame at will, for me.  You’re just living in it.

I simply cannot relate how great it is to have a Twitter echo chamber of Trump supporters whom I can torture.  I come at them from unsuspected directions with what the Russians refer to as comprehensive battleground dominance.  See, I know things and can link to them.  I am a crushing bore in real life, but online I’m a snuff monster.

Nothing pisses off a liberal like calling them a neoliberal.  It implies that they sold out for money, which is exactly what happened to education, labor and peace.  So,  liberals, regardless of their letters, are really lying there on the floor dead, morally.  You can kick them in the head and ribs if you like, but it gets old quick.

The corpse of democracy has a fatal wound and libs are holding the murder weapon.  You don’t need to read Thomas Frank’s Listen, Liberal to know the traffic cops walked away from the scene of the accident.  You can’t build a civilization, get paid and give it up to the Visigoths without a fight.  Trump is only Fuehrer because too many doctors bought Panameras.

It comes down to when the wealthy grow tired of being shamed by inequity.  Until then, these narcissistic psychopaths can be mocked.

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