Dead Russians

We can kid and play, but dead Russians are a thing you really wanna avoid.  The last time Turkey had chalk lines on the carpet was in November of last year, when a Russian bomber crew got shot down.  Erdogan managed to talk himself out of that one, but in July of this year, he got a call from Putin while relaxing on the Turkish Rivera.  Russian sigint had picked up evidence of battles in and around Ankara, indicative of a coup.  Erdogan expressed surprise, thanked Vlad, gathered up his retinue, flew home, issued a calming statement to the people and the coup was quashed.  Since the grand pageant, tens of thousands of so-called opposition have been fired, jailed and probably disappeared, among them today’s conveniently dead assassin of the Russian fucking ambassador.

It was all blamed on Fethullah Gulen in July and has been today, even though he is near death and living in Pennsylvania.  The CIA has a bevy of such ex-pats, used as cudgels to threaten people like Karzi in Afghanistan with replacement should they get out of line.  That guy’s kid killed a host of gay kids in Orlando.  And you thought Pizza Gate was fucked up.  Radicalizing a gay Muslim Astan ex-pat’s kid was too good for the FBI counter terrorism unit to pass up.  After all, the Pentagon’s Highland Forum invented terrorism.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

So, having lost Aleppo, with desperate attempts to get refugees out of Aleppo, including US spooks, and with Iranians coming into town, the Zionist neocons actualized a sleeper, drummed out of the Turkish National Police after the pseudocoup and subsequently subjected to the world-class psychofuckathy funded by said Highland Forum and their Hollywood brethren, The Rendon Group, until he didn’t know up from down.

The Pentagon’s Highland Forum is chaired by such out of touch Libtards as the NYT’s Thomas Friedman, regularly deposes democratically-elected leaders in Central and South America, and more recently Ukraine, on behalf of the World Bank, IMF, central bankers and corporate behemoths like Monsanto.  The Rendon Group took on PR in Vietnam and later produced Chalabi and the fictitious Iraqi National Congress.

So, this former Turkish National Policeman, without a beard and dressed in a suit, was denied Paradise for living as an infidel in the name of Sunni on Sunni jihadism.  How fucked up is that?  There is only one force in the world which trumps that: Zionism.

Undergirding all the Pentagon’s Highland Forum and Rendom Group psyops is the Long War policy predicated on behalf of Israel to support war on both sides to break big enemies down into little ones.  In effect, since the establishment of  the Jewish homeland in 1948, American foreign policy has been suborned by hysterically paranoid European refugees consigned to the Sinai.  And US citizens are little more than cattle.

Of course, Putin knows all of this and more, and is not having it.  He has spent his political career taking down fifth column oligarchs.  This latest bunch threaten Russia with EU sanctions and NATO war.  And because they have been robbed of Syria and are insulted by the recognition of Israeli boogerman, Iran, a great Russian diplomat was killed.

What is his response? Increased vigilance against terrorists.  Rather than stepping outside the bullshit, nuking Tel Aviv and DC, he concedes to continue the game after having been grievously wounded, if not insulted.  Putin knows that Europe is doomed by radicalised Muslim refugees.  He also knows that the USA, no matter how many retired generals Trump appoints, was long ago hollowed out by neoliberalism.

Putin, fully aware of Russia’s ascendance at having successfully fought off the oligarchs, has no peers.  The Chinese, Indian, Japanese and US economies are on the verge of collapse.  Russia, despite today’s death of its Turkish ambassador, can afford to be magnanimous.  The future belongs to those who have earned it.  In my heart, regardless of birth, I will always be a Russian.

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