Trump Preventing WWIII, So Far

From Andrew Korybko:

[T]his dramatically and unprecedentedly represents a nominal NATO “ally” openly accusing the US of sheltering an international terrorist who’s officially being blamed for complicity in the assassination of a Russian Ambassador in its capital city. Moreover, the Turkish government has shared these concerns with its Russian counterpart, which has ambiguously chosen not to comment on them yet in order to preserve an aura of diplomatic uncertainty which can keep the US on edge and guessing about what Moscow really thinks.

From Finnian Cunningham:

Virtually everything that Western official sources have been saying about Aleppo, and the Syrian war more generally, is seen to be a grotesque lie.

Russian lawmaker Alexey Pushkov, of the Duma’s foreign affairs committee, is correct when he said following the death of Andrey Karlov that the West bore responsibility because its hysteria and fabrications about events in Aleppo have fostered a climate of deranged hatred towards Russia.

When the Turkish assassin raised his pointed gun at Karlov, he declared that he was acting in memory of «civilians killed in Aleppo». But who gave him the image of Russia being a legitimate target for «payback»? Who filled his head with (false) images of carnage and horror against civilians in Aleppo?

That’s right, boys and girls: regardless of whether we pulled the trigger, we’re responsible for the assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey.  Thank God Trump was elected and has long ago indicated a commitment to peace with Russia.  Just as Putin wages war with the oligarchs in Russia and Ukraine, he recognizes the neocons and their masters in NATO.

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