Mocking Obama

A couple of days ago, I was planning on becoming an Anarchist upon the appointment of yet another Zionist neocon to Trump’s admin.  It may yet happen, but I’ve been too busy to post, partly due to the POTUS engaging in Russian sanctions on the most trumped up pretext imaginable, rendering Twitter all atwitter.  This happy time led up to Putin inviting the American diplomatic staff to the Kremlin for New Year’s, rather than sending them home as Obama had done to theirs.  I never get enough of this.

Since then, Russian officials have continued the mockery and been joined by members of the American foreign policy establishment:

“This is frankly the most damaging and embarrassing answer the US could receive.”

And with that, US imperialism, despite hundreds of billions spent yearly on the world’s greatest military, and presaged by recent defeats in Ukraine and Syria, is utterly deflated.  Worse, no foreign power can be blamed for achieving victory in battle, but merely for failing to rise to sanctions imposed without evidence of hacking our recent election.

This should be the coup de grace for the defeated Democratic establishment, but with twenty days to go, who knows?  The wise move at this point would be to stop digging, but the globalists are desperate to hold on to power and Hillary is terrorized by the likelihood of special prosecutors.  So, Obama will continue to have the screws put to him, erasing any hope of a legacy better than W’s.

I was gonna write a post about how the Left is now consigned to irrelevance and the actual battle is between the paleocons and the neocons.  I was gonna become an Anarchist and make an appeal to kill God, whose promise of Heaven ruined motives of social justice in this life.  I’ll get around to it, but for the next few weeks, it is a target-rich environment of opps to engage in schadenfreude of shaming and mockery such as I’ve not encountered.

The Left numbers among them the most highly intelligent and educated.  Yet, after eight years, hubris had rendered them impervious to the suggestion of defeat.  In their love for wealth and power, these beneficiaries of the best civilization has to offer abandoned labor, peace and finally their senses at the election of the worst possible opponent.  A merciful person might forego such enjoyment at the expense of others, but this bunch has piled up hundreds of thousands of innocents deaths abroad and a ruined economy at home.

In time, I’m hopeful the new admin will be inaugurated and get about rescinding Obama’s executive orders, ending illegal military incursions and unfair trade agreements.  But until then, let’s enjoy of few more precious days mocking Obama, as his like may well not come again.

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