Everything Will Be Wonderful Someday

I’m drunk, but took my time getting that way, most sociably.

The coolest thing I’ve run across this week is the Fruit of the Loom pullover hoodie  at Walmart.  They go well with my M-65 and BDU mil jackets, as befits an insurgent.

I left early at work after having my teeth cleaned this morning.  I had my eyes examined yesterday.  I pretty much rock.

Returning to Liberty, I dropped by Oscar’s lab, where I backed up his Quickbooks and discussed redoing his website.  He’s my last account and lets me drink beer while I work.

This is where I’ve hung out since returning home, lest I fuck up.  I buy them beer and they’re nice to me.  A couple of years ago, they showed up after Oscar’s manager died and the employees quit en masse.  We literally called down a miracle from God and kept the lab going.  So, they’re really smart and really cool and I love them.

Oscar is designing a house in Belize and lining up his properties for the bug out, one of which abuts the Megasite.  Until  then, it’s business as usual.

I used to hate Fruit of the Loom for their neoliberal products.  This new stuff is the bomb.

Among the reasons we were able to save Oscar’s lab is one of the girls is a computer genius, while the other is a fantastic muralist.  The former has been with a guy I’ve known since high school, who has survived the predations of time without insult of any kind, remaining ebulliently hilarious, while many of his peers have died.  As you might expect, he’s enormously popular.  For her, it’s kind of like being with Elvis.  If you don’t get that allusion, I feel sorry for you.

I expect to spend the weekend with the wife and the cats.  I’ll try to be good, but after the monastic existence I enjoy in Liberty, it will be a bit much.  Last weekend, we were traumatized by three seasons of Penny Dreadful.  I am scared to think of the binging we may be subjected to next.

I hear Ivanka Trump cares about the welfare of children.  This is excellent news for those of us who also care about their parents.  The recent repudiation of all things political has led to a semi-royal monarchy, from whom much is expected.  The prevalence of Goldman Sachs partners in the Trump admin leads one to worry about the poor.  Any reason for encouragement is welcome.

IMHO, the Dems are riding the dead horse of Russophobia into political oblivion.  The Senate hearings today were simply the latest evidence of catabolic collapse, which was supposed to happen to civilization in general, but is presaged by the liberals.

As expected, Hegemon is putting up an existential death struggle by fomenting WWIII any way it can.  Fortunately, Russia, Iran and China see the reality of  Zionist aggression for what it is and react maturely in the face of unhinged desperation.

The least we can hope for is peace.  The most we can pray for is consideration of the victims of war and neoliberalism.

Everclear’s Wonderful is playing on Pandora.

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