Nazis Are Essentially Cowards

I don’t own a bunch of guns and ammo, and my truck is very small, but I voted for Trump and I don’t think any of these dweebs have experience with violence, much less handling chain or punching Trumptards in the throat, but I am sure those intent on disrupting Trump’s inauguration, except for those expressing the intent to commit terrorism on camera and will be picked up shortly, are not prepared for the response.

I’ve never punched anyone in the throat, despite being bullied as a wise-ass all my life.  And looking at these mooks, they haven’t either.  I won’t be there, but perhaps they haven’t heard about the wall of meat headed their way, even though this bunch would be beaten up by a train full of secretaries headed into DC for work.

Of course, these guys will shit their pants Friday morning and never be a factor, but it gives you some idea what the next four years hold.  FrankenBrennan runs the CIA with an AOL email account, whereas evil Hillary couldn’t manage a PC at all.  And their minions have never dug a ditch, changed a tire or made a payroll.  They’re planning to go berserk on a bunch of people who have faced their fears all their lives, done whatever was required and risked everything on an unknown future rather than put up with the status quo.

Most of these young adults have spent months organizing, presumably on their parents’ dime, rather than punching a clock, paying bills and living on what’s left.  They are soft, whereas Trump supporters are hard, indeed.  We all know this is bravado and no one is gonna get punched in the throat, but calling us Nazi cowards calls for a certain number of whooped asses.  I can’t make it to DC this week, but I hope some disaffected millennial approaches me with violent intent.  I’ll put his ass to work and give him some understanding of true hopelessness from being married and employed.  He’ll fold like warm Jello before lunch.

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