Trump’s Class War

I’ve always felt pity rather than hatred for Barack Obama.  His white grandfather, Stanley Dunham, was a real asshole who wanted a boy and so named his daughter after him.  Her resulting hatred of him was such that she engaged in soft porn, married a Black Muslim and gave her child a Muslim name.  Somehow, his white grandmother managed to raise him and secure a Harvard education.  Regardless, Obama, as a child born of spite, was dealt emotional issues which would haunt him to seek the approval denied at birth.  So, it is only natural that he would become a spokesman for the wealthy and powerful.

Donald Trump puts an end to all that.  Just as we see disenfranchised millennials protesting the inauguration, the oligarchs use innocents to do their bidding while remaining at arm’s length.  They have also used poor kids to fight their wars while fomenting racial and religious strife to disguise authentic inequality of wealth.  The 45th POTUS gives us the rare opportunity to see these lies with clarity.

Whereas blacks are terrorized with racism and placated with subsistence financial support, millennials are radicalized with notions of fascism and minimum wages.  Trump, like Putin and Le Pen, calls oligarchs out for their disingenuous machinations, and gutting economies with globalist neoliberalism.  The corporate media had disgraced itself in reflection, as well as the political establishment in both parties.  The oligarchs attempted a soft coup, WWIII and may yet foment civil war.  Whatever happens, we are in the midst of a revolution against those in power.  Their strategy is to promote  violence to provide excuses to impose martial law.  Black Lives Matter is an excellent example of this.

Socialist remedies such as a Universal Basic Income are discouraged as banksters are given the same funding opportunity to overcome economic deflation.  The powers that be are intent on increasing austerity until the marginalized turn violent and can be imprisoned or murdered.  They know sufficient jobs no longer remain a possibility and their calculus leads to a solution of death for tens of millions of us.

Before the wealthy wipe us out, we need to resist inverted totalitarianism by ending worship of materialism and falling for their evil lies.  Whereas they are not reluctant to resort to violence, we must shame and mock the oligarchs until sufficient support exists to win elections.  Trump is evidence that such things are possible.

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