America’s Color Revolution

The global occupy movement in 2011 began what has become a series of social actions against the oligarchs whose neoliberal globalisation of labor led to widespread unemployment and low wages among formerly industrialized nations.  Lacking financing and organizational infrastructure, it succumbed to law enforcement efforts.

For as long as the USA has been a nation, we have been deposing governments on behalf of corporations, leading up to the Ukraine Maidan revolution in 2014.  Thanks to neocon failures and resistance by Russian military, that effort has not gone as planned.

Later that summer, the killing of Michael Brown in Ferguson, MO led to the Soros-funded Black Lives Matter movement which spread to several cities in response to police killings before also succumbing to a lack of organization.

The arrival of Donald Trump in June of 2015 in the run for POTUS signaled the next organic political movement and contended with candidates of the GOP establishment.  Prevailing, Trump went on to defeat Hillary Clinton, the oligarch’s candidate, in the 2016 general election.  In the run up to that vote, the oligarchs underestimated the DNC’s efficacy and was unprepared to deal with unprecedented Wikileaks as well as videos of corruption published by James O’Keefe.  Prior to Friday’s inauguration, all manner of astroturfed protest occurred around the country, while the neocons continued their threat of war against Russia begun in Ukraine.

Proxy wars in Ukraine and Syria had shown the Russian military to be capable foes, but were unable to stop a flood of refugees which has destabilized Europe.

Central bankers and oligarchs took control of the Russian government with the fall of the USSR in 1991 and plundered the government until Putin became prime minister in 1999.  Since then, assisted with former elements of the KGB, he has wrested corrupt oligarchs from the government, minimizing the central bank and dramatically increasing the health of the economy.  He currently enjoys a high approval rating and has successfully opposed Western attempts to crash the economy with attacks on the currency and sanctions.

The IMF and World Bank helped establish the European Union in 1999, subjecting the nation states to austerity imposed through loans whose proceeds were pilfered by oligarchs, leaving the citizens with austere loan repayments.  Eventually, these terms led to political destabilization of poorer Mediterranean countries of Greece, Italy and Spain.

As with Russia, the result of oligarch-imposed austerity led to the rise of right wing nationalist political parties in European states.  Recently, the Brexit vote in the UK and the rise of Marine Le Pen in France herald right wing ascension as we have just seen with Trump in the US.

As a result of Trump’s inauguration, today we are seeing a global women’s march, again funded by George Soros and the oligarchs.  If the past is prologue, this protest will also fail to maintain traction due to a lack of organizational infrastructure.  Like the neocon chickenhawks in the State Dept., the oligarchs have failed to penetrate sufficient elements of the military and intelligence agencies to pull off a soft coup or foment WWIII with the Russians.  It hasn’t helped that the DNC and corporate media have conducted a terribly ineffective strategy of fake news.

Protests against the very thought of Trump as President lack the ideological depth to generate an astroturfed rebellion.  Of course, as his administration begins turning back Obama’s policies and enacting new legislation, real issues for disagreement and legit protest will occur.  There is no reason to believe the oligarchs’ war against populist nationalism will cease, but for now, we appear to have averted war and revolution.  And everyday that we have peace, elements of the right in Russia, Europe and the US gain support and solidify power.

So long as actions such as today’s women’s march rely on unhinged rage and transference neurosis led by uninformed celebrities focused on Trump’s election, astroturfed protests funded by the oligarchs are unikely to gain significant political traction.

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