Chicago is Shameless

I have seen 72 episodes of Shameless, making me an expert on Chicago, especially the southside, and I can tell you those people will consume the National Guard with alcohol, drugs and sex.    I watched kids beat the hell out of each other for six seasons.  Regular people don’t stand a chance.  Indeed, I have come to the conclusion that only a well-trained and committed actor can survive in Chicago.

But I have another solution to Steve Bannon’s wet dream.  Provide the citizens of those no-go neighborhoods with EBT cards valued at $1000 per week for ten years.  I guarantee it will be cheaper and more efficacious than any other government idea.

I was shipping clothes this morning, tweeting and came to the miraculous conclusion that war with Iran is inevitable.  Bannon wants a holy war; Mattis and Flynn are happy to give him one.  Problem is the Russians and Chinese can’t be beat, the Sunnis hang with the Jews, leaving the Persians odd man out.

As I’ve said, Russia will be our pals in order to protect USD reserve currency status.

The Chinese are an entirely different matter, holding over a trillion UST-bills.  They’ve also blown up their economy with quantitative easing and will be liquidating commodities to pay the interest, at precisely the time America will be trying to create jobs.

Should Trump attempt hardball on trade with China, he may regret it.  They’re just one crisis away from reverting to militant Maoist Isolationism, which means more butt hurt than we can begin to imagine until replacement goods can be sourced or manufactured.

So, it’s play nice with Putin, talk shit to the Ayatollahs, and don’t piss off China.  Hezbollah’s helping mop up ISIS in Mosul, effectively separating CIA moderates and killing terrorists.  Besides, a nice little war with Iran would give Russia and China proxy to provide arms for oil.  Israel’s paranoia is salved and Bannon, Mattis and Flynn get to kill hajis.

These guys can’t wait to check out those black sites and they want some death squads to do the kinds of things being done to us now in Syria.  Turkey’s on schedule to blow up in April when Erdogan goes for the caliphate.  Popcorn all around for this one.

So, they’re disinfecting Foggy Bottom for Hillbots.  Nasty critters and none too bright.  Blew Libya, Ukraine and Syria with messianic notions, as recently described by the Russians.  Bannon, Mattis and Flynn know we’re fucked on procurement and unfit for battle after making love to special forces screwing up asymm warfare.

We got a look at Russian capability when off-duty officers rallied against the Ukrainian armed neo-nazis in Donbass.  The US  embedded soldiers to witness how Russia was using electronic warfare to shut down Ukrainian command and control.

When Russia turned on the Richag-AV device in Tartus last November, denying  everything for 600KM, it was over for us in Syria.  The most Israel could do was fire missiles at Hezbollah weapon shipments at Mezzeh airport, outside Damascus.

Bannon, Mattis and Flynn wanna put some stick about real soon, just for shits and giggles, and to humiliate NATO, poised on the Russian border.  I don’t see these guys as false flag artists like the last bunch, so CIA is on the sidelines.

We’re not supposed to be in Syria, another CIA mess, so that’s done.  I guess supporting ISIS through Turkey will continue while it can, but opps to open up a can of Crusade whoopass on Shia Muslims are looking tricky.  I’m not worried; the Jews always think of something.



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