Trump’s Perestroika

From Dmitry Nersesov at Pravda:

Trump is running the country without a government. He had finished forming his team at the end of the third week of his presidency, when he introduced 24 candidates for senior positions in the administration. Even by that time, Congress had approved with moans and groans only six new ministers. This has never happened in the American history.

At the same time, Trump took a decisive action against the judiciary by restricting migration. Without going into details, the essence of the move is as follows: the president made the judicial environment split and started putting pressure on those who spoke against him. “So-called judge”  – a remark like this addressed to a federal judge can technically be considered an insult and even a crime.

If Trump can eventually defend his travel ban, it would mean that the executive power can break the judiciary authorities. One requires a strong-willed man to accomplish that – a man who is not linked with the political structure of реу USA.

Donald Trump may indeed introduce new methods and mechanisms far beyond constitutional and traditional norms. If this happens, America will become a whole different country in several years. It will be a super presidential republic, the head of which will hold truly imperial powers in his hands: he will rely on the all-mighty state security system, while lawmakers and judges will serve the interests of the super president.

From David William Pear at Pravda:

Trump is the logical conclusion of the Worldwide War on Terror, US wars of aggression in violation of international law, empire building, acting as if America is exceptional, torture, indefinite detention, executions of American citizens without due process, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, Islamophobia and the construct of the military-industrial-banking-security-police state…

Obama turned the shell-shocked Middle East, South Asia and Ukraine into shambles, flames and chaos. Instead of blaming Bush and Obama, the American public blamed the Muslim victims and Russia for the wars, and they shrugged off the US carnage…

Instead of holding George W Bush, Dick Chaney and their cronies accountable for war crimes, crimes against humanity, torture, illegal abductions, indefinite detention and lying to the American people, Obama instead said “let us look forward and not backward”. We should have looked forward then to the emergence of a Trump…

For the past 16 years the mainstream media, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, politicians and the government have persecuted, prosecuted and ostracized Muslims. Muslims were kicked off of airplanes for speaking Arabic. When millions of Muslims were turned into war refugees by US backed wars, the American public turned their backs on them…

Corporate crimes, war crimes, crimes against humanity, and abuse of power have gone unpunished. Muslims, whistle blowers, leakers, journalists, protesters and critics have been persecuted, prosecuted, tortured and imprisoned. There was barely a peep of protest from the main stream media, politicians or the public. People are now questioning Trumps egomania, psychopathy and sanity. These did not start with Trump either…

President Trump was caused by a nation gone insane and fascist.

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