There are stories on Twitter of Starbucks placing pictures of Trump on the floor for basement dwellers, soccer moms and cucks to walk over while gazing at their smartphones.  Prior to that, they announced a plan to hire 10,000 refugees, ensuring that immigration officers will remain loyal customers.

Meanwhile, some KFCs are offering free meals to police officers.  Since the locations tend to be in bad neighborhoods, this makes sense.  What doesn’t make since is using antebellum white men to sell ever more absurd takes on fried chicken.

Regardless, it is apparent that corporations have fallen prey to Cultural Marxism and feel the need to commit virtue signaling to their customers – which leaves out a whole lot of Trump supporters.

I could open a chain of coffee shops called Ahabs for Trump supporters and do just fine.  Likewise, I think we’re gonna see a certain amount of bifurcation to chase intended customers.  I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, and Starbucks will no longer be festooned with 4x4s, gun nuts and Bible beaters.

It appears we are on the way to Black and White versions of the NFL, given the league’s tolerance of players’ silent protests during the national anthem.  As employees, they do not enjoy such 1st Amendment rights, and Jerry Jones will build a failed TFL to prove it.

I look forward to doing business with all the people I dislike, merely because I couldn’t stomach Hillary.  Perhaps I should call my coffee shops Ishmaels.

I don’t think this circumstance necessarily presages civil war or balkanization.  If fact, duplication of products and services lends value to the market and releases political tension.  Affinity groups are often based in social media rather than geography, making old ways of thinking about political conflict useless.

The whole point of the Trump admin is to lessen the size and effect of federal government, and returning control to the states, encouraging governmental bifurcation and opportunities for the like-minded to move there.  Actually, that has already occurred, with libtards on the coasts and Trumptards in fly over country.  Political animus is created by media and most established versions of that are dying.  We’ve each managed to create echo chambers online and it is only natural to continue that trend.

The wealthy send their kids to private school, rather than throw them to the wolves neoliberal public education and Trump will make sure privatization of the public good is complete.

The eventual repeal of Obamacare, created by the GOP as Romneycare, will allow the rich to pay for the care they need, often abroad, and the rest of us to be held hostage by crushing health insurance costs.  Returning Medicaid funding to the states with block grants will make choice available to those who most need it from those offering the best services.  Expect millions of black and brown people in Texas to leave or die.  Indeed, Trump’s immigration policies have already created a frantic exodus into Canada and Mexico by the least of us, as according to the gospels of Jesus.

I expect well-armed Trump supporters to begin wearing insignia and fomenting open conflict with snowflakes.  As Trump continues decimating the Left with shock and awe fascism, his supporters will be emboldened to exert their dominance, taking over retail locations and forcing top knots to go elsewhere.

Of course, this is also happening in Yurp, ruined as it is with increasingly disaffected young male Muslims.  Fortunately, most of our illegal immigrants are Catholic and Islamophobia will run those poor bastards to ground.

As for me, I’ll end up in Russia, if they’ll have me.  Of course, times awastin’, as thermonuclear incineration, Fukushima poisoning and climate change bear down on us.
Until then, look for lots of diner fight scenes from Giant.

Rock Hudson fights pretty good for a gay guy.

The Wife reminds me Ahabs may have been an unfortunate choice.

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