Trump Smokes the Nuke

I’m gobsmacked.  If the commenters at Moon of Alabama are correct, we can stop mooning about the neocon warmongers on the Trump team.  According to them, Flynn went over Trump’s head by putting Iran on notice.  Some of them also believe that based on a demoralized military, Orange Elvis doesn’t much care if some of his peeps wanna blow up the world, so long as they are good at what they do.

So, I’m gonna try to stop doubting Trump, inelegant as he may be and political neophyte that he is.  Who knew the blowhard on The Apprentice could save the world?  This is gonna be terrible news to those who hate Trump, but we are all pretty much tired of that.  The kids will be put down for a well deserved post-tantrum nap.  They’re gonna have to see a therapist everyday for several months to deal with the cognitive dissonance of being cruelly used by the greatest failure in US political history.  Once they’ve effectively learned not to place all their rage in the impossibly improbable victor, the snowflakes can instead begin to look inward for actual sources of disappointment such as having no future.  Now, they’ve got something to complain about, but sorry, the ACLU abandoned labor over forty years ago.

Now is probably as good a time as any to get into how I feel about Steve Bannon.  Approaching him with a deep love of Russia, as a result of Cookies Nuland and Ukraine, I’m encouraged by his embrace of nationalism, despite the downside.  I know he worked for Goldman Sachs, but a lot of people have, spent some time producing movies,  worked in naval intelligence and at Breitbart, which brings me to my point.

I don’t hang out at Breitbart, Drudge or Infowars.  I’ve been listening to Beck, Rush and Hannity at work because NPR sucks, and it’s bad enough.  What we have, as much as anything, is a campaign whose expertise brought it to the White House and hit the ground running.  Right out of the gate, Jeff Sessions was made AG, sending an undeniable salute to nationalist Libertarians and neoconfederates.   There were some white supremacists,  but who’s counting?

They went looking for expertise, often at Goldman Sachs, but in business for proven leaders who were likely to be foes of the departments they manage.  Bannon and the Trump family are so confident, having successfully managed hundreds of deals between them,  they could afford to fire Flynn for insubordination on Iran.  They used Pence and the Russians for a ruse, and changed him like a light bulb.

The Russian ex-pats I read are worried about the warmongering Zionists in Ukraine and Kaliningrad; meanwhile Trump has sealed a deal with Israel to cast aspersions on the Persians.  Apparently, they could give a shit about the neocons.  I think Tillerson ran some out at Foggy Bottom last week.  After nearly three years of fighting the Russian false narrative, I’m looking at an incoming administration which not only recognizes reality, but responds to it with elan.

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