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Amazon Go

From Zacks: The much-talked-about ‘no cashier convenience store’ called Amazon Go to be launched by e-commerce giant, Inc. through its ‘Project Como’ has got delayed. Amazon has been testing the store at its campus in Seattle, with employees serving … Continue reading

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No Maidan in Belarus

From Sputnik News: The US Embassy in Belarus is demanding that Belarusian authorities release all protesters detained at Saturday’s unauthorized rally in Minsk. The request comes just days following revelations that US aid agencies have increased their spending on ‘democracy … Continue reading

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Hate Crimes Against First Responders

I heard this on the radio today, and the big neon sign in my head screamed, “No!”: RALEIGH, N.C. (AP) — Felony “hate crimes” for people who assault North Carolina firefighters, police officers and other medical personnel and who lure … Continue reading

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The Caliph of Ankara

From RT: “If Europe continues this way, no European in any part of the world can walk safely on the streets. We, as Turkey, call on Europe to respect human rights and democracy,” Erdogan told a group of local journalists … Continue reading

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Stone Faced

It’s been a good week, so far.  Twice, I’ve been able to sneak away from work and exhausted the available supply of old deck boards in Liberty, with 6 1×3′ flower boxes and 2 2×3 jumbos to show for it. … Continue reading

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One of my problems is I read so much that I can’t find stuff when I want to cite it.  So it is with CrowdStrike.  Until I find the devastating article I remember, this will have to do: The CrowdStrike … Continue reading

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Trump Pre-Inoculated

From Matt Taibbi, Recently: If we engage in Times-style gilding of every lily the leakers throw our way, and in doing so build up a fever of expectations for a bombshell reveal, but there turns out to be no conspiracy … Continue reading

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Running from the Cats

Apologies for all the Facebook posts, today.  For some reason, the juices seem to be flowing.  I’ve had two nights of restful sleep here in Liberty.  I spent the weekend with the Wife, and that means the cats.  I woke … Continue reading

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Starving Grannies

From The Seattle Times: The Republican health bill is the most direct assault on older people that I’ve ever seen in politics. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) noted that for people in Holtz’s demographic, the GOP bill would escalate their … Continue reading

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Never Trumpers Implode

Right wing radio has been playing Rachel Maddow’s Geraldo moment regarding Trump’s tax returns all day. It reminds me of Joe McCarthy more than anything.  At some point, you begin to realize she is speaking to an ever-decreasing number of … Continue reading

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