Goodbye Ukraine

From The Saker:

Tectonic shifts are continuing to occur in the political landscape of the Ukraine. Last week, following the imposition of a total blockade against Novorussia by the Ukronazis, Russia declared that she will from now on recognize the official documents emitted by the DNR and LNR authorities. This week, theNovorussian authorities have nationalized all the key factories of the Donbass. Furthermore, the Novorussians have now declared that since the Ukrainian authorities are not willing to purchase their coal and anthracite they will from now on export them to Russia. And just to make sure that they cover all their bases, the Novorussians have also declared that from now on only the Russian Ruble will be circulating in the Donetsk and Lugansk people’s republics…

There is a covert war going on between the Ukrainian oligarchs Rinat Akhmetov, Igor Kolomoiskii and President Poroshensko and there is also a not so covert war taking place between the Ukronazi opposition and Poroshenko…

[W]hat is most important to me is the big picture and that big picture says “good-bye Ukraine”…

The blockade of the Donbass was decided by a rather small group of nationalist leaders who never asked for, or received, any authorization for their actions from the junta in Kiev…

The Ukraine is a failed state, politically and economically. And, as a failed state, the Ukraine has plenty of armed gangs and even official armed forces, but nothing like the kind of modern and civilized military you need to take on the Novorussians who, far from being a failed state, are a young state which has just completed the modernization of its armed forces…

What we are seeing today is not just a Ukrainian military which seems to have given up on the notion of reconquering Novorussia, it is also one which appears to be giving up on the notion of holding the country together. Right now, this is only affecting the Donbass, but pretty soon other regions are likely to follow suit, especially the south (Odessa, Nikolaev, Mariupol) which, by itself, could be wealthy and prosperous and which has no need whatsoever for Neo-Nazi rulers.

The comments indicate Zakharchenko wages war with oligarchs in the DPR for nationalization of factories.

From bored muslim:

The Donbass was lost to Ukraine in 2014. The Ukie’s can kiss it goodbye. So was Crimea, which has been apart of Russia since Catherine the Great. The Kiev junta will not have their little ‘Khazaria’. Btw, most of the members are of the Hebrew persuasion.

Another thing that doesn’t get mentioned much is the role of Mr. Kadyrov’s men from Chechnya. When violence first broke out, the Donbass peoples militias were disorganized and taking a beating. Then came the efficient, effective and experienced Chechens who organized the resistance and actually fought and caused the rout we saw in 2015. The battle for the Donetsk Airport and other such disasters for the Ukie army. Units of these same commandos are fighting in Syria too.

Interesting that them and Hezbollah are on the same team, fighting side by side. Together, a highly effective force indeed. Throw in the Syrian Arab Army, that has after 6 years of grinding warfare , been distilled down to probably the best fighting force in the world. All of which doesn’t spell good news to Israeli hegemony and belligerence. Yemen war is escalating, with what I believe will become another Afghanistan for the Saudi’s and U.S., who will at some point near, have to come and save the House of Saud from a heavy defeat that will have the throne toppled perhaps. Daesh is getting clobbered in Iraq, and there too we see militias and army gaining much battlefield experience and them too are armed to the teeth. These forces I mentioned are greatly allied to Iran.

So it comes down to a few factors. There is emerging a Pan-Arab(Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Lebanon)-Persian(Iran) alliance ,whom are allied with Russia and China(maybe even throw Pakistan, and therefore Afghanistan, into the mix).

Then you have the Saudi-U.S.-British-Israeli-Indian alliance, to whom time is not on their side.

As soon as Eurasia is integrated by China mostly, but also by Russia, then the food-gates will open and the world will start to gravitate to the new ‘system’ that humanity is so desperately wanting to evolve into. This ‘new’ system is being set up in the east as we speak. Its based on harmony, free trade, cultural exchanges, respect for sovereignty, integration and over-all, a win-win for all involved. When one looks at the Chinese and Russian people, and their history, one realizes they are not interested in ‘overlord-ism’, like todays world managers are. Who rule us with an ‘iron-rod’, either submit or face war, sanctions, subversion, ethnic cleansing and racism based on ideologies of ‘manifest destinty’, racial supremacy , radicalism and narrow apocalyptic religious beliefs. Both Zionism and Wahabbism are two faces to the same coin.

From Dr. Georgi Stankov:

It is indeed inexiplacable why the criminal neo-nazi regime in Kiev has survived that long. However at the end it goes very quickly and Zakharchenko may know more, while predicting that the regime will collapse within 60 days. That is why I recommended this program on Russian TV to the Saker a few days ago and I am happy that he addressed the broader issue regarding the destiny of the two republics. Donetsk and Lugansk are de facto no longer part of Kiev and the Russians understand this very well. The West is in denial and it is good so.

The bad news for Kiev is that there is nobody to support them anymore. Germany, France are in turmoil excepting fearfully a regime change and England is after Brexit in a free fall. The Trump administration has no intention to support Poroshenko after he explicitly supported Killary. The Senate has just voted to reduce to more than half the export of lethal weapons to Ukraine. This ridiculous and artificial country is completely isolated and the western puppeteers of the Kiev coup turned into cowards and run away leaving the battle field for the Siberian bear. The inner fight for power between the oligarchs has reached new heights who behave like vultures over a dead corpse.

I suggest to consider for Poroshenko the Ceausescu’s scenario which I witnessed first hand in the weird month of December 1989.

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