This is not Europe

Dr. Bones comes recommended by Matt Bracken, a Navy Seal I respect a lot:

This is not Europe, this is the United States of fucking America, a morose fiefdom where people can walk into a goddamned Starbucks with 30 rounds of armor-piercing bullets…

Police still want to go home at the end of the day; the minute they are faced with somebody more than capable of inflicting even worse harm they can commit they suddenly become negotiators and peacemakers…

Compare that with the protests at Standing Rock, where State forces have literally blown people’s arms off without any repercussions besides being prayed at. The camp, now in shambles, is done. The DAPL will be built, the people have failed, and all they have to show for it are bruises and injuries…

Rights are a fiction, a spook, and the sooner you realize the only “rights” you have are those you are willing to enforce the sooner you can join the rest of the planet in what we call life…

Firearms are Anarchism in action, a tool that instantly frees you from relying on hierarchical authority. YOU can repel a burglary, YOU can stop a rape, YOU can keep racist scum from even showing their face in the neighborhood either individually or collectively; no authority is involved, no 911 to call or infrastructure to uphold, effectively making the State obsolete without relying on the spooks of “rights” or “laws” or some religious belief that “deep down everybody is good.”

Here’s my dirty little secret: I was raised a Quaker and don’t own weapons.

Here’s another secret: the guy who wrote that is black.

One of things Chris Hedges has taught me is that American revolution started with the slaves and has continued through Malcolm X and Dr. Bones.  If you wanna know the state of rebellion in the US, check out what black people are up to.

I’m an anarchist and mighty proud to know people like these are out there.

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4 Responses to This is not Europe

  1. Dr. Bones says:

    Much obliged comrade! And very happy to see I come highly recommended!

    One note: I am not black.


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