Trump’s Snipe Hunt

Apparently, the community organizer was never a Boy Scout, having fallen for the oldest trick in the book by responding to Trump’s tweet Saturday, accusing the former POTUS of wiretapping Trump Tower during the election.  The denial placed the hapless Obama in the impossible McCarthyite position of proving he did not bug Orange 45.  The rest is history.

The death of Hegemon apparently consists of hilarious situations where those on the Left get pawned hourly by those standing in their vacuum.  Some days you get Sen. Al Franken aping Joe McCarthy.  Other days, Obama takes the hook and is landed like a flounder.

Speaking of which, Session’s recusal of all matters Russian infuriated Trump, after losing Mike Flynn.  Too bad Putin wasn’t black or Sessions would have known what to do.  Bad thing about paleocons is they don’t care much about Russians.

Speaking of which, the biggest proponent of nationalism this week was not Steve Bannon, but Rand Paul on what he called Obamacare Lite.  The GOP establishment is so besotted with neoliberalism that it falls to a Libertarian to advocate on behalf of the public good.  Of course, this is all theater, as Big Healthcare long ago bought off their foes.

McCarthyism is a powerful tool , when handled deftly.  But a snowflake like Obama doesn’t happen everyday.  OTOH, most of the people like Comey, running three letter agencies, are products of the Peter Principle and monuments to executive ossification.  CIA’s Brennan contributes to my case.

We got the CIA’s hacking crown jewels today from an opponent of the status quo.  Stuxnet and other malware are replicated on the internet at will and back doors to every operating system were paid for and remain open to anyone with the ability to exploit them.  Sooner or later, an AG’s gonna commission grand juries and investigate these things.  Until then, Wikileaks has provided an unprecedented target environment to accuse Deep State of anything Trump chooses and they are in the justifiably unenviable position of providing responses.

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