Starving Grannies

From The Seattle Times:

The Republican health bill is the most direct assault on older people that I’ve ever seen in politics. The Congressional Budget Office (CBO) noted that for people in Holtz’s demographic, the GOP bill would escalate their portion of their health premiums an incredible 758 percent. That’s from $1,700 a year, under Obamacare, to $14,600 under the GOP bill…

The biggest lobby group for seniors, AARP, says the GOP bill is an unprecedented triple whammy on old people. In addition to the premium hikes, it would reduce the solvency of the over-65 health program, Medicare, and slash Medicaid, which provides nursing-home payments.

They’re trying to kill as many of us as possible. Why quibble about old people going first?

I’m seeing a decrease in orthodontia: symptom of being robbed of a future.

What we really need are fake raptures.

Orange Jesus could get a few thousand to eat their guns, today.

For every Trumptard who offs themself, He promises to spare a Syrian child.

Crash the stock market and the Silent Generation will evanesce.

There are lot better ways to reduce population. Healthcare reform is merely the GOP’s latest gimmick to incite fear and disgust.

If Orange Jesus told Trumptards they could shoot brown and black people for eternity, the ammosexuals couldn’t die fast enough.

When Medicaid devolves to the states, millions of poor people will die because legislatures are fascist killers.

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