Stone Faced

It’s been a good week, so far.  Twice, I’ve been able to sneak away from work and exhausted the available supply of old deck boards in Liberty, with 6 1×3′ flower boxes and 2 2×3 jumbos to show for it.  They will all be stained green, as I have a gallon of it.

The jig is finally up for me at Food Lion.   The pretty young things no longer smile at my approach, no doubt having been told one of many tragically hilarious stories, some not even involving me, about me.  It’s cool: I hang with the old and unattractive, anyway.

I’ve seen a few first cousins, lately.  One of them stayed in the bathroom until I left.

You simply can’t spend your life trying to piss off as many people as possible without drawing a crowd.  Speaking of which, my arrival in national politics seems imminent, now that I have recreated the hairstyle of Geert Wilders.  I needed to cut my hair, but my skin was dry, so I applied some moisturizer and ran my fingers through my ridiculous hair, making it even more ridiculous.

I’m pretty sure the NCGOP is ready for a Russophile since 2014 who has lots of experience dealing with Christofascists and Libertarians.  I’ll start off my campaign for whatever by calling everyone a Zionist babykiller.  I can’t lose.

Seriously, there’s no one here to talk to, so I’ll bide my time, get a good night’s sleep, and hang with the Wife and the cats this weekend, who don’t understand me, but seem to love me anyway.

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