Amazon Go

From Zacks:

The much-talked-about ‘no cashier convenience store’ called Amazon Go to be launched by e-commerce giant, Inc. through its ‘Project Como’ has got delayed.

Amazon has been testing the store at its campus in Seattle, with employees serving as beta testers. Reportedly, the store has been functioning well if there are just a few customers and are moving at a slow pace. As it is not feasible to ask customers to keep a check on their pace, the opening of these stores had to be postponed.

As Amazon destroys us with robots, Stephen Hawking wants Elon Musk and NASA to colonize Mars before skynet terminates us all.  We can’t even build a jet fighter.

It seems everybody’s going bonkers.

“Progress is the enemy of prosperity” – John Michael Greer

Huge numbers are out this week about retail closures.  Amazon is a big reason, but a lot of stores should never have been built, given the economy.

Millions of young people are debt slaves with college degrees of dubious value and a bleak future.

Conventional wisdom is failing us and madness is the result.

Millions of families are debt slaves to McMansions and vehicles.  A lot of them are upside down.

Sanders and Trump are the results of these conditions.  The first got waylaid by the DNC and the GOP mangled ACA reform for the second.  Pragmatically, Trump looks to the Dems to make a deal – a real slight to the Freedom Caucus.

I raved on Twitter for days that no deal involving the GOP could occur absent approval of the Koch brothers.  Indeed, they messaged the Freedom Caucus that voting for the bill would result in being primaried, like Renee Elmers.  Nobody will say it, but the real battle is Trump vs. the Koch brothers for control of Congress.

Since 2010, ALEC and the Koch brothers have gone through North Carolina like a Libertarian dose of salts and the fire sale they’ve conducted here resembles what Bannon has scheduled for the Fed.  The difference is Bannon is a Nationalist and needs those elected officials to approve spending which is anathema to small government conservative.

Trump beat the Dem and GOP establishment, but could not have won over Sanders.  That tells us that effective elections lie outside entrenched power.  Indeed, Sanders would be POTUS now, had the DNC not taken him out.

The system is breaking down due to hubris and greed.  We’re not going to Mars and Trump should never have been elected.  We’re to be subjected to a Twitter storm and futile legislation while government in DC and state houses is summarily dismantled.

That is until Amazon renders us unnecessary.

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