Trump Threatens War

From The Saker, recently:

There is a reason why the US always supports minorities everywhere: because by accepting and relying on that support these minorities always become completely dependent upon the USA.  That, in turn, means that the US can then use these minorities in any way they want “or else”.  And, since sooner or later the Americans leaves, the “or else” inevitably and always happen…

So far, the Americans have not re-heated the “no fly zone” concept, but they might as well, since their entire plan is idiotic to the extreme.  Besides, I simply cannot imagine US generals agreeing to deploy their forces in Syria without air cover (in case you did not know, the US solider cannot fight without air cover.  He just won’t.  It’s “air cover for me or I don’t fight”).  However, air cover for the US forces in Syria imply either a tacit agreement with the Russians and the Syrians, something like what the Israelis apparently have, or an immense risk for the USAF and USN aircraft.  So we are back to negotiating with the Russians and via the Russians, with the Syrians.

In fact, I bet you that this is what the Americans are doing right now.  Quietly negotiating with the Russians.  Problem: the Neocons hate Russia and everything Russian.  And they loathe Putin.  So how does the State Department or the White House negotiate with the Russians while, at the very same time, Congress, the US media and the CIA are all engaging into a hysterical and paranoid hate-campaign against Russia?

So here is Trump’s conundrum: he desperately needs the real enemies of Daesh – Russia, Iran and Syria – to agree to his plan but at the same time, he is too much of a whip to tackle the hate campaign against, well, Russia, Iran and Syria inside the United States.

This ain’t the first time The Saker has doubted Trump, and I was gobsmacked that he fell for the Syrian child actors pretending to be dead.  Twitter is replete with pics of White Helmets staging these “victims” of gas attacks sans protective clothing.  And then there is the announcement of a coming attack days before.

I’ve been on a tear lately about how ALEC and the Koch brothers control the Freedom Caucus on behalf of Libertarian paleocons.  Now, confronted with the possibility Trump had gone full-bore Zionist neocon warmonger, I was presented with comments by arch paleocon, Ron Paul:

It doesn’t make any sense for Assad under these conditions to all of a sudden use poison gases – I think there’s zero chance he would have done this deliberately…
It’s the neo-conservatives who are benefiting tremendously from this because it’s derailed the progress that has already been made moving toward a more peaceful settlement in Syria.

That got me riffing on Twitter:

blamed the for bombing because he was having dinner with the and wanted to eat in peace for once.

By blaming , ‘s sending a signal to the to play ball on healthcare and and tax cuts or we’ll have war.

By turning on , puts leverage on the , which considers itself unassailable, with threat of war.

is saying to the : “I have an for a son-in-law. Give me reasons not to be a .”

can only threaten who control the with war if he surrounds himself with .

surrounded himself with war hawks in order to prosecute his domestic agenda.

Not only is threatening the with war; he is threatening to lose.

in Eastern Europe isn’t a threat to ; it’s a threat to the , and House leadership.

Appointment of royalty, , as did not send a message, so now they will be extorted with threat of war.

BTW, ‘ recusal of matters sends an unmistakable signal of solidarity with .

is neither a nor a , but a playing one against the other.

Last night, Trump made his threats of war real, to the delight of his opposition.

Israel is also pleased.  The paleocons are nervous, whereas China and Russia are apprised of the backstory.

This is all perfectly normal behavior for a Nationalist.

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