Putin the Great

I would love to tell you the idea for responding to a roundly debunked gas attack and bombing a nearly abandoned Damascus airfield with the approval of the RF Pres. , came from Steve Bannon, soaked in Laphroaig, or Jared Kushner, cuck and globalist.

Remember in 2013, when Obomber wanted to bomb Syria because of reports of chemical weapons being used by Assad?  Remember how Putin talked him out of it?  Vlad has been putting out fires for years, especially between the hysterically paranoid Zionists and their fave whipping boy, the Ayatollah.

Trump had a total shit show on his hands, with Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum in the Senate, insisting on war ASAP.  I have no doubt Alexander Dugin called Putin who called Trump and gave the people what they want.

Putin is a great American, like most people, and was annoyed by Paul Ryan, as are we all.  Besides, it was time Trump was blooded.

MSM news anchors pissed themselves like teenage girls at a Beatles concert.  OTOH, the commenters at Zero Hedge, who voted for peace so they could continue hawking gold and silver, suffered apoplexy.  It was likewise at Breitbart among paleocons who have been fighting neocon false narratives since at least Kiev in 2014, if not Iraq in 2013 or the Tonkin Gulf in ’64.

These people have been lied to before and were wary of Trump doing the same, especially after 16 years of W and Obomber.  It hasn’t helped that Flynn was ousted for McMaster, a Patreaus protege and rabid neocon.

I’ve posited that Trump is a Nationalist and is playing the neocons off the paleocons as required, but the important thing, regardless of whether Bannon keeps showing up sober, is that Putin is a Nationalist, committed to opposing globalist oligarchs.

Whereas Xi gets the vapors at Mar-a-lago and orders up 150K Chinamen on the Yula river, Putin sits back, takes the long view, and pushes for the S-500 ASAP.

People I trust say Syrian air defenses were turned off for the Tomahawk raid, and still way less than half made it to the abandoned airfield.  I’m pretty sure Putin can keep Trump from doing something stupid in Eastern Europe or the Middle East, but this saber rattling at North Korea is another thing, entirely.

The US chicken hawks would do well to hang out with Assad and Erdogan, whom Putin controls.  The premier statesman of our time is running US foreign policy, isolating the neocons and placating the Left, with moves of which the neophyte Trump admin is simply incapable.

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