From Zero Hedge:

In the span of just a few hours, President Trump flipped to new positions on several core policy issues, backing off on no less than five repeated campaign promises.

It’s not as though we hadn’t been warned that Trump, with an Ashkenazi for a son-in-law,  was a Zionist.  And given the opposition, the pragmatic move is capitulation.  Besides, Trump can have dinner with Invanka without having to endure Jared’s wild gesticulations.

Never mind that lots of people reasonably believed the things Trump said, juxtaposed as they were, about the would-be  warrior queen.  So, it’s not like we’ve got buyer’s remorse, given that Hillary has horribly melted, but please excuse us for feeling butt sore at having been rogered so thoroughly.

The Christofascists, ammosexuals and skinheads are still with him.  Otherwise, only authoritarians remain.

If Trump took a shit on the White House lawn, Sean Hannity would play with it on air for three hours.  Dear God, how the Right Wing Media has fallen in line.  I’m now relegated to for news sans Zionist neocon warmongering false narratives.

Tillerson was delusional today at the UN.  That these people attempted another chemical weapons resolution, given their obvious duplicity, sent Russian diplomats into the stratosphere of righteous indignation, to the absolute delight of people like me, who despise America and hope fervently for its complete destruction, soon.

So, they have us cornered, the Russians and everybody who values truth.  of course, they’ll wipe us out in time, or worse, ignore us completely.  In a proper country, like Egypt, I would’ve been tortured and exterminated long ago.

I realize it is difficult, but for those of you keeping score, Trump tired of Bannon’s Laphroaig hangovers, smelling like a campfire, and wanted to hang out with his hot daughter and her petulant husband, so there you go.

You can’t really blame him.  Of course. there’s the small matter of appointing class clowns to run various departments, which was fine so long as we were nationalists, but’s things are somewhat different now that we’ve surrendered to the Borg, and our quaint notions of governmental destruction.

It’s all fucked beyond imagining.  We may as well have voted for Hillary.

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