Dumbass Ridge

The Wife and I spent a couple of enjoyable hours yesterday riding around NW Guilford County, gobsmacked at the profusion of McMansions built right on top of each other.  Growing up in the seventies, I knew kids who lived in Forest Oaks and slept on the floor so that their families could afford to belong to the country club.  The Wife’s father was a philandering itinerant salesman, and their family moved from country club to country club, too poor to buy a TV.

JHK contends our proclivity for Lexi, Beemers and McMansions represents the greatest squandering of resources in human history.  We can’t figure how people afford these homes or why they would want to.  My house in Liberty, which is paid for, has two front rooms I don’t use and the Wife has a couple she doesn’t use.  However, the residents of Dumbass Ridge want to live like The Beverly Hillbillies, a comedy the Wife has never seen.

Even more hilarious are the giant public schools being built for kids who will instead be educated privately or at home.  It is a recipe for disaster.  The homes were never meant to be lived in, but to transmit a sense of grandeur to the clueless, who subsequently spend enormous amounts to heat and cool them.  This insane need for conformity leads to debt enslavement which makes the giant churches ludicrous given the community’s obvious worship of materialism.  Of course, prosperity gospel is part of this mass delusion which serves as a prelude to oblivion.

I stopped for gas, which was 25 cents per gallon more expensive than any other place, and why the fuck not?

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