US Military Incompetent

From The Saker:

“In an editorial penned for Foreign Policy, senior Pentagon policy official Rosa Brooks publicly suggested a military insurrection against the Trump administration may be the only option to oust one of the most divisive presidents in American history.”

If memory serves me right, in 2011 was a distinct threat issued by Steve Pieczenik on YouTube to Obama and his administration that the military and intelligence stopped considering the presidential power to be legitimate and went on  making themselves to be the real government.

This tells me that no matter who takes the presidency, the US armed forces and the intelligence community refuse to recognize the country’s civilian government.

From Larchmonter445 in the comments:

Nonsense to Military Coup. They are merely frustrated over the years of pathetic Obama oversight and are reacting to being off that leash.

Trump has amassed about 10-15% of the Presidency.

He is in a tight box and is doing whatever he has to move forward.

The strikes in Syria and Afghanistan were predictable.
He will do something in North Korea if Kim goes over the line.

The US Military is built to lose long wars. It can not handle a nation like Russia.
It also is discovering that it can’t handle a nation like China.

The US has the wrong weapons and wrong training to take on first world nations.
Even Iran, now with some good air defenses is a dicey option.

It all works on paper and in simulations. But reality is disastrous for the mighty men of the Pentagon.

So, they can’t take casualties. They have risked nothing in either strikes, firing from distances so safe as to laughable as “combat”.

Do the men of the Pentagon want to dominate the globe with their AirSeaLandSpaceCyber commands? Of course, if they can do it with virtually no loss of manpower to the regulars, and few lost machines or ships.

So, that leaves them nations with no air defenses and irregular forces like AQ, Taliban and ISIS to stand off and strike.

Look at these mighty men of the Pentagon. Clustered with 28 nations of NATO, the four eyes in lockstep, the Arab-Israeli shotgun marriage alliance and still they scare no one. The Russian MOD called them out on the pathetic show of force.
And the mere cancellation of the deconfliction agreement prompted their allies to stay on the tarmac.

Kim looked them in the eye, spit at Trump and his limp dick military armada and fired his celebratory missile.

This is almost as good as “Team America World Police”. Derka derka!

Is the US dangerous? Worst terror military in history. What’s the total since WWII?
30 million dead? Exceptional!

But these military mediocrities juiced, just like ISIS, on meth (Go pills), are not going to start WWIII. Though an accident might happen the way they are thrust at their “enemies”.

Taking over the government is totally outside the US military imagination. That’s for fiction writers. Will they bog down in adventures? Of course. That’s what they do. Africa is calling and McMaster and Mattis are saying “Yes”. They want to redo Afghanistan. They want to push Russian and China around in Afghan and Pakistan. They want to rule the ME and NA. Run that tab. It’s about 3 Trillion for Trump’s first term. Which will seal him off as a one-term failure of epic proportions.
Not including the disasters on three continents. And that’s without North Korea in the mix.

And if he doesn’t push China around in the South China Sea, the US Navy will be incensed. So, how does that end?

This is a Spring and Summer War Spectacular starring Donald and the Generals.
It will be ended like a show on TV that runs 6 weeks. No support for wars, no money for wars, no victories in any of these wars. Trump will switch to some other script.

This would have gone over big four years ago.

Americans want ISIS crushed, AQ extinguished.
There is none of that in this Military under Mattis and McMaster.
Both are excuse makers for radical Islam. They voice the same policies as the Liberals and Obama. Americans are really alert and upset by these two warmongers who represent the same lunacy as McCain.

It’s a travesty. Trump can’t sell it. And the bodies haven’t started coming home to Dover.

A soft military coup is a fait accompli. We must rely upon our supposed enemies to save us from ourselves.

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