Our Zionist Overlords

The US military’s soft coup is un fait accompli.  Trump is now a game show host working for the Zionists.  It was either get out in front or be run over.  He never had a chance.

From Moon of Alabama:

Trump contradicted his speaker, the State Department and his allies by congratulating the Turkish President Erdogan for winning Sunday’s referendum vote. He undermined his diplomacy…

What is most concerning is the fact that a 45 minute call is extremely long for such an occasion…

Foreign countries can no longer rely on official U.S. administration statements unless Trump personally voices his agreement with them.

Likewise, there’s no need to blame son-in-law, Jared Kushner, for Trump’s pivot on foreign policy.  The Zionist neocon warmongers would have found someone else.

Of course, Steve Bannon is effectively window dressing in the Trump administration.

Would that we were looking at Obama’s third term.  Instead, it’s a designed cabinet of lunatic neophytes with apparently no policy other than anarchy.  From that view, a general’s decision to drop a MOAB or POTUS endorsing a new dictator makes sense in that nothing makes sense.

The problem is US carrier groups converging on the ROK for yearly maneuvers, precisely during the DPRK rice harvest, could easily start a war the Russians and Chinese will finish.  Never mind that the DPRK was razed to the ground in the fifties and marginalized since, resulting in immense suffering and death for generations.  But the Zionist chicken hawks are famous for bullying the poor, such as those in Palestine.

Thomas Friedman, who sits on the Pentagon’s neocon Highland Forum, recently suggested we end any pretensions otherwise and actively support ISIS in Syria.  Don’t be surprised if Trump also makes that happen.

Whereas the Trump admin looks like anarchy, it is consistent with the reckless way neocons, who know or care little about military consequences, conduct themselves.  At some point, the world may end without anyone knowing what happened, but we can be sure it will be caused by the neocons.

The absence of rational actors invites a nuclear first strike.

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