Millennials Should Rent

From Zero Hedge:

A breakdown of the data by age group reveals that the primary driver for this latest decline was once again the youngest age cohort. While older Americans, especially those 65 and older, have predictably seen only modest declines in their homeownership in recent decades, it was the youngest age group, those 35 and younger, i.e. the Millennials, who once again decided against owning and chose to rent instead.

I spent yesterday afternoon trimming the Wife’s forsythia.  Several years ago, a recent graduate of one of our fine diploma mills got a good job downtown and bought the house next door.  Based on their nocturnal activities, we could tell she and her friends were local barflies.  Except for smoking cigs on the patio, they never ventured outside.  She hired a local landscaper and the lawn was mowed.

This year is different.  Last fall’s leaves still lay in the backyard and grass is knee high out front.  Evidently, this has something to do with her loser boyfriend moving out.  Whatever.

Some people weren’t meant to own property.  I enjoy getting up leaves, mowing, pruning, pulling weeds and mulching.  Hell, this year I even found time to build and stain 8 flower boxes out of old deck boards.  Yes, it’s grueling work, but excellent exercise and nothing pisses off the neighbors more than a pretty yard.

I’d like to say our neighbor is unique in her neglect, but a couple more young people on our short street fail to keep their yards up.  I have no idea what they do with all their times, except of course for smoking cigs.  Hell, I work a job, keep up two yards and still have loads of free time to hang out on the internet.

My small bit of anecdotal evidence indicates a lot of millennials are lazy.  It’s a good thing  owning a home is no longer a no-brainer investment.  They appear to never have heard the term ‘curb appeal’ and will surely take a beating should they ever decide to sell.

It is probably better that these slothful children, rather than becoming adults, continue holding down bar stools somewhere and puffing on cigs.  To them, my efforts to have a nice yard seem like the actions of a Marvel superhero.  They are apparently unaware of Lowe’s and Home Depot.  Maybe if they sold beer and cigs.

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