Embrace Dystopia

My buzz is almost gone, so this’ll probably suck.

I’ve been a doomer ever since I was introduced to the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction as a result of the Cold War in the ’60s.  In time, I came to love staring into the abyss.  All the while, dystopia was descending on everyone around me.

I’ll be happy to provide anecdotal evidence of economic and societal marginalization, but at some point we should probably agree to recognize what is happening.

We are dying.  Like the people in Liberty I see every day, many have decided to endure to the last with grace and dignity.  There are some who publicize their suffering at the local bar, but for the most part people are quietly dying at home.

I could rage like a thousand lions at the causes for their predicament, but it wouldn’t make a difference.

Jesus is not coming.  He has forgotten us.

Neither is this the result of evil by those in Liberty.

Chthulu doesn’t care.

Millions of threepers have invested a ton of money in weapons and ammo, preparing for this day.  But how do you fight neoliberal globalism?

The Zapatistas declared war on the government of Mexico the day NAFTA was signed.

We were watching Wheel of Fortune.

How do you battle the people responsible for your 401K?

Don’t ask who killed the Kennedys…

Our complicity paralyzes us.

How do you take down the banks when they own all your stuff?

We’ve signed our own death warrants.  All that remains is collection.

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