Israel Behind Wannacry

Things are getting entirely out of hand:

Two of the world’s largest anti-virus companies said they are “looking into clues” that suggest a North Korea-linked group may be behind last week’s cyberattack.

Look, there’s a quantum difference from a bunch of mobbed up Eastern European script kiddies launching email phishing attacks and using an NSA tool to exploit vulnerable Windows machines.

Actually, it’s the perfect weaponization of a successful ransomware industry.  And who do we know that enjoys a rich history of weaponized internet exploits? Why, that would be the Israelis and Stuxnet, which to this day continues in the world to search for a certain motor known to spin Iranian centrifuges, before calling home.

I’m not saying the Brit who registered the domain so WannaCry could call home and deactivate was wearing a yarmulke, but I wouldn’t be surprised.  After all, MI-6 has always been the whipping boy for foreign ops against, and in this case, on behalf of Zion Atlantica.

Russia was the overwhelming target.  The US and Israel were miraculously saved.

Microsoft was likely tipped off beforehand so everyone could take long positions.


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