Bannon Should Be Gone

The WaPo fake news is payback for Trump trolling the MSM by meeting with the Russians immediately after firing Comey.

When the Freedon Caucus, backed by the Libertarian paleocon Koch bros., failed to vote for RyanCare the first time, Trump entertained Xi at Mar-a-Lago for a weekend, during which there was some really great chocolate cake, the best, and a real time cruise missile assault on some Syrian spare parts at a forgotten airbase.

To the batshit crazy Zionist neocon warmongers, this was bullseye on a very hairy and much neglected Jewish clit, as well as a shot across Ryan’s bow.  With Nikki Haley espousing doctrinaire permanent war rhetoric and a Mad Dog at DoD,  the faithful had yet another moment of doubt regarding their support of The Orange One.

Certainly, capitulation of populist promises to the dark side of neoconservatism would be an unforgivable calamity, made manifest with the ouster of Steve Bannon.  And yet he remains.  Despite Tillerson’s wild gesticulations, Lavrov and his retinue reported enjoying meeting with Trump, absent as it was of political rhetoric.

Trump is a businessman, has taken full advantage of the opp to meet with China and will do what he can to preserve relations with Russia.

As the seminal Saker history of the neocons illustrated, the US military has been poisoned since Vietnam with ideological fanatics bent on permanent war as an ultimate means of defense and profit.

Plan B, as enacted by the CIA under GHWB, dispensed with facts as justification for warmongering and supplanted ideology as required in each situation.  With decades of Soviet threat inflation responsible for the Cold War, a new Russia needed to accept the mantle of ultimate evil, despite being Christians who’ve never invaded anyone.

Unbelievably, Trump appears to have the measure of the #NeverTrump GOP establishment as well as the Left, psychotic with melancholia.  Yes, he infuriates his supporters, but the elaborate trolling he has orchestrated against the opposition betrays a complete lack of respect, even a playfulness.

I find it interesting that the Norks are at once a nuclear threat from the Right and the source of NSA ransomware exploits from the Left.  Today’s fake news indicates to me the Zionist neocon warmongers and their media outlets are grabbing at straws, having utterly failed with the Russian false narrative.

In a world which still regarded truth as vital, the revelations regarding the late Seth Rich and Wikileaks would immediately impanel a grand jury and put the kibosh on the unproven allegations of Russian interference in the recent election.  But that ship sailed long ago and the corporatized MSM will insist on Russians until the last paying subscriber is cowed.

Bannon and Priebus aren’t going anywhere, but will preside, alongside Trump, over the righteous demolition of DC and the swamp in which it sits.

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