Agent Orange


From Matt Taibbi:

Trump in many ways was a perfect Ailes product, merging as he did the properties of entertainment and news in a sociopathic programming package that, as CBS chief Les Moonves pointed out, was terrible for the country, but great for the bottom line.

As if endless CSI episodes are any better.

From Robert Parry:

Trump’s greatest sin was his refusal to buy into Official Washington’s big-ticket Russia-bashing, the goal of making Moscow an implacable enemy that then required massive new spending on both propaganda (supposedly to combat Russian “propaganda”) and military projects (including NATO expansion up to Russia’s borders and new weapons systems to deter Russian “aggression”).

From Paul Craig Roberts:

The US military/security complex sits on a budget extracted from very hard-pressed American taxpayers of $1,000 billion dollars annually. By threatening to normalize relations with the enemy which was created in order to justify this vast budget, Trump presented as the major threat to the American National Security State’s power and profit.

This is why Trump will be broken and/or removed as President of the United States.

From Larchmonter445 at The Saker:

They populated the official transitory postings and the many layers of permanent postings. They filled all the surrounding think tanks, and they controlled all the academic posts. They owned the news media and the entertainment industry. They bought the Congress and controlled the polls and election process (including the TV debate system). They filled the courts at all levels. And by now, they had control of most of the largest populated states. Similarly, in Britain, the same processes occurred in that society.

Neoconservatism comes in two flavors in the US. Right wing and Liberal wing versions are different only by external labels. On all critical issues, they are unified.

From Kristine Beckerle:

While in Riyadh this weekend, Trump reportedly plans to announce more than $100 billion in arms deals to Saudi Arabia — nearly as much as President Obama authorized during his eight years in office.

The deals include Raytheon bombs, Lockheed Martin missile defense systems and BAE combat vehicles, and some of the weapons whose sales had been suspended

Trump should be urging the Saudis to shift course by abiding by the laws of war and holding those responsible for past abuses to account. Instead, he will effectively be telling them to continue as before and not to worry — the flow of US weapons will not stop.

From the comments at Zero Hedge:

The new labeling, the huge arms sale to SA, Trump’s trip to SA,Israel and the Gulf Monarchies (GM), it all fits. I believe they are creating a Middle Eastern NATO using SA money to buy the arms, Israel to provide the tech, the GM to provide additional cash and more troops from the usual sources.

IMO a war, a really big war is about to be fought by “ME NATO” troops against Syria, Lebanon, Iran and Russia simultaneously and they will attack Iran directly. The war will be given media cover by use of the new “proxies” labels.
This will end very, very badly…

Because he is Agent Orange. He has totally shown himself for what he is – a subservient narcissist who craves approval more than honor, principle or any other virtue worthy of a great man

I’m not sure it is fair to expect any POTUS, and especially this one, to stand against the neocon Deep State.

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