Trump’s Train Wreck Abroad

Just when I had consigned myself to the inevitability of Trump’s impeachment, he puts on a shit show for the Saudis, flies to Israel and kisses the fucking wall.

For all I know, he sucked Bibi’s dick to save his presidency.

Zionists on the Left and Right are apoplectic with joy.

Rush can’t be bothered while bestowing accolades to mention the untold dead Yemenis.

Agent Orange just went all in on the Sunni side of Muslim Holy War.

The Kagans had sex tonight for the first time in years.

Trump is a total pigeon, having responded perfectly to the trap laid before him.

Mike Pence is inconsolable at the tragic turn of events.

The neocons couldn’t take down Iraq, Libya, Ukraine or Syria, but they damn sure just pawned a POTUS.

The Left is left to ponder Seth Rich.

Populists feel like Sanders supporters, sold out.

Christofascists are encouraged, always a bad thing.

Libertarians are pissed.

Never Trumpers have been handed a victory.

The GOP establishment prevails.

Everybody but rich white men are doomed.


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