Partying on Peachtree

Safely returned from Atlanta, where we partied like crazed animals with 40K Rotarians from all over the world. Greensboro still sucks.

Hung out last night with three Limey blokes and discussed Nigel Farage, Brexit and the Picts from whom I’m descended.

You haven’t lived until you’ve seen a pub owner sing 500 Miles at a Karaoke bar.

They had no problem with my rugby shorts.

Met some folks from Toledo, OH who knew Dr. Dave Fulton, creater of FoxPro.

Getting really good at taking MARTA and the shuttle to Dillard’s at Atlantic Station, where I scored three more summer shirts on sale. The sales girl remembered me and asked how their polo shirts held up. I said the one I was wearing was ten years old.

The international consensus is Americans are daft.

While waiting for the train, gave $5 to a college-educated Vietnam vet down on his luck, but absolutely delightful to talk with. Everybody else stared at their smartphones.

Got plowed with Dewar’s by the bartender while waiting for a table.

Scared the shit out of some Rotarians from Russia. I kept saying, “Putin is a Great American!”, but they didn’t understand. I told them no one understood me here, either.

Our Romanian valet is getting a degree in cyber security. He got me.

For seventeen years, I’ve been smelling this restaurant. Third time I was the only person there. Simply could not get used to the goat curry.

Met a gorgeous engineer from Istanbul whom I tried to bring home with us. She was interested until I said I loved her.

The Jamaican we met at dinner was fascinated with our marital arrangement and is going to attempt something similar with her husband. My fave comment: “I’ve been in this business 25 years and have no idea what I’m doing.”

Just had some killer wings from the 7-11 in Concord. The time is fast approaching when we will only eat at gas stations.

The Fun Machines stayed home and the Kia Soul did battle with the dumbasses and maniacs. While gassing up, I asked the guy across from me how he liked his Passat, which has the same 2.5L five cylinder as our beetle.  He was still extolling its virtues when I hung up the nozzle and replaced the cap.

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