It’s the Koch Bros., Stupid

In the aftermath of the Alexandria, VA shooting of GOP congressional reps and protectors, the Right and Left took their typical stances of blaming each other for yet another senseless act.  This behavior continues to ignore certain essential truths:

  • The Dems have gone down the rabbit hole and are politically irrelevant until such time as their mass delusion abates.
  • At least in this country, Muslims pose no real threat.  However, if we continue to bomb the shit out of them, destabilizing Europe with disaffected young adult males will be on us.
  • The election of Donald Trump signified volcanic dissatisfaction with establishment Republicans by a lot of first time voters.  These people are not blaming Trump for the failure of legislative initiatives, but members of Congress.
  • Trump supporters are not primarily social conservatives;  those are the people who elected the GOP establishment.  Trump supporters are nationalists who were aroused by Trump’s America First protectionist platform.
  • There is no reason to believe the next GOP primaries will go well for social conservatives or their masters, the Libertarians.

Given those political realities, it is important Trump supporters not waste effort on the Left or Muslims.  We need to put forward protectionist candidates who look to the needs of their constituents and not their own enrichment.

And that begins by recognizing the GOP is responsible for a lot of what enrages the Left, regardless of the fact the latter abandoned their historic core values for money and power.

As Illinois fails to deal with a $15B budget shortfall, it is the federal government’s responsibility to stand behind these debts, just as they did the TBTF banks.  But Trump, assailed by the psychotic Left and the fascist GOP establishment, does not enjoy the political capital to enact rescue legislation.  We’ve already witnessed the GOP go insane at the prospect of a half black President; there’s no reason to think these racists will do anything to help minorities in Chicago.

So long as the Libertarian ALEC and the Koch brothers control Congress, expect more of the same.  If Trump’s election heralded a populist movement, it remains to be seen if it can be repeated with other candidates.  Trump has fought the Koch brothers from day one and may yet be replaced with Mike Pence as their choice.  But a fleeting opportunity exists in the next election to replace incumbent social conservatives and Libertarians with populists who espouse the same goals as our victorious President.

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