Darth Beetle

I feel like shit, which means allergies or I picked up the plague moving shit.  I made one more trip to Liberty yesterday and the remainder goes to the Wife at the next opp.

We went for lunch in Darth Beetle and a ride in the country, winding up in Madison, which has a brew pub and a coffee house.  The top refuses to close completely, so I installed the optional handle and we bought a new battery.  The Wife transferred the extended warranty and it goes in the shop next week.

With the nice weather, I’d been driving the Cabrio, but the heat is finally upon us.

The Wife bought a home warranty when we moved to North Hills in 2010.  It’s been fun paying sixty bucks anytime something went wrong, in addition to the monthly premium.  Three weeks ago, the A/C stopped working, we made the call and our fave serviceman replaced the fan motor capacitor, rather than conning us into a new compressor.  A week later, he had to come back and replace the capacitor.  Last week, he tried to replace the motor with a generic, but was forced to order the right one through the warranty company.  We got a call from them today indicating the part had been ordered.  We may have it repaired by the end of July.

This would be a dreadful calamity were we not in possession of two portable A/C units we bought for State Street, before we moved to Golden Gate.  As things stand, we are pushing hot air out both ends of the house and throwing open the windows at night.  We aren’t telling the warranty company, but we’re quite comfortable.

The Wife and I are losing weight by eschewing carbs and eating a Mediterranean diet of good bread, cheese, pickles and cured meat.  We often don’t eat a proper dinner anymore, but snack during the evening.  When we eat out, we’re tending to make better selections.  I haven’t had a french fry in ages.

Unfortunately, we’ve learned to stay away from locally owned restaurants, as the snowflakes who work there are rarely presentable or properly trained.  The girl this afternoon touched her face three times while making my smoothie.

Food Lion’s transformation includes placing a label under local beers and jacking up the price of a six pack a dollar, as if these choices are better than established regional and national brands.  This is not likely to help the local beer bubble.

I feel sorry for people who have to wear uniforms at work.  We make a good living selling fashionable garments to women which are comfortable and hide a multitude of sins.  It is cruel to require overweight people to wear belted slacks and tucked in shirts.  It crushes their soul and I remain amazed at what some people will put up with for a job.

The USPS seems to have grasped this idea, as I saw a guy unloading drop box mail in a t-shirt.  Unions are the bomb.

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