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End of the Beginning

“Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” – Winston Churchill I submit that Trump’s failure to deal effectively with the GOP establishment in … Continue reading

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Raise the Minimum Wage

From Nick Hanauer: Trump is a manifestation of a serious civic sickness. But treating the symptom by removing Trump won’t cure the disease, even if it temporarily makes us feel better. No, to heal the body politic we must confront … Continue reading

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John Hood on Violence

From the chairman of the John Locke Foundation: Former Congressman Barney Frank once offered a definition of the term that many progressives, populists and others who form the modern Democratic coalition appreciate and quote: “Government is simply the name we … Continue reading

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Burnt Offerings

The A/C, fan motor replaced, just cut off at 75 degrees. It’d been out for five weeks. I put away the portables for next time. The Wife wages war for a living. It is a terrible sight to behold. She … Continue reading

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Rinse and Repeat

We dare not open the windows at night, lest we be treated to the millennials next door, smoking cigs and talking way into the night.  I might not mind it so much if they had something to say, but they … Continue reading

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Davenport on Inequality

From Charles Davenport at the N&R: When Councilman Mike Barber proposed a 7.5 percent increase for the city’s police officers and firefighters several weeks ago, he encountered stiff resistance from two fellow members of the council: Sharon Hightower and Jamal … Continue reading

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Fractured Fun Fourth Festival

From the N&R: GREENSBORO — Nearly 300 additional police officers will be on-duty Monday and Tuesday to support the many Fun Fourth events in the city. Officers will be on foot, bicycles, Segways, motorcycles and in marked and unmarked patrol vehicles … Continue reading

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How the Left Will Win

I’ve been convinced for some time that the greatest domestic threat to American democracy lies with the Libertarian Koch brothers and the Christofascists who serve as useful idiots: Talent Market’s list of clients is a “who’s who” of the far … Continue reading

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