Davenport on Inequality

From Charles Davenport at the N&R:

When Councilman Mike Barber proposed a 7.5 percent increase for the city’s police officers and firefighters several weeks ago, he encountered stiff resistance from two fellow members of the council: Sharon Hightower and Jamal Fox. Both argued that pay increases should be fair, meaning equal, for all city employees. (The larger increase for law enforcement officers and firefighters was approved two weeks ago.)

Barber’s argument was sound: Cops and firefighters engage in hazardous work, and surrounding cities, including Durham, Raleigh and Charlotte, pay their public safety employees more than Greensboro does. Our personnel often leave for greener pastures elsewhere.

Hightower and Fox disagreed. According to an article by Kate Elizabeth Queram on June 7, Hightower “has argued that all city salaries should be raised at the same rate to avoid the perception that one department is more important than another.”

First of all, Barber, who mocks poor kids for a living as head of First Tee of the Triad, didn’t suggest a pay increase for the GPD because he is a liberal; he suggested it because he lives in the country club and wants to make sure the thin blue line continues to protect him and his kind from increasingly marginalized undesirables.

Secondly, Fox has been increasingly marginalized by the economy, and as an adjunct professor, was in danger of becoming homeless.  He has apparently found work elsewhere and recently resigned from city council.

But enough of that.  I have an enormous catalog refuting Davenport.

11-10-2011 on the Guilford Guardian:

Charles Davenport, Jr. – Editor and Publisher, responsible for writing articles demeaning blacks as “mascots, dupes and yes, victims of the Democratic Party,” with frequent warnings that “Conservatives must never become to the GOP what blacks are to the Democratic Party.”

1-12-2012 in the Guilford Guardian:

I would like to thank my long-time editors at the (Greensboro) News &Record, Allen Johnson and Doug Clark, who, for over a decade, granted column space to a scribbler widely denounced as a “radical, mean-spirited, right-wing extremist.”

10-18-2012 on W’s third term:

President Obama’s extreme left-wing philosophy and Carter-like incompetence are obvious to all but the most strident liberals.


Death penalty opponents sneer that executing murderers is nothing more than “vengeance,” as if there were something unseemly about retribution. But I am not in the least disturbed by the terminology; vengeance, in this context, is synonymous with justice.

In rebuttal, I quoted Romans 2:19 to the false Christian and false conservative:

Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

12-26-2012 on Ann Coulter‘s Mugged:

Over and over again, Coulter demolishes the myth that the GOP is the party of racism, bigotry, and hate speech. It is unfortunate that the nation’s “low information voters,” those who voted for Barack Obama, can’t be tied down and forced—ideally by waterboarding–to read this book.

1-2-2013 on what the NYT called “the least credible history book in print.”

Please read Barton’s “Original Intent.”

On unemployment benefits:

If people are paid to engage in sloth and indolence—to sit at home and watch Family Feud– people will engage in sloth and indolence.

1-20-2013 on MWBE participation:

When we judge people based on the color of their skin (in defiance of King’s dream), or by gender, we establish rival factions of “victims” who will be at each other’s throats over the spoils of an inherently flawed diversity program.


There is a fine line between providing compassionate assistance to those sincerely in need, and subsidizing sloth and indolence.


[Y]ou, sir, are just as disgusting as the ghetto-blasters at Food Lion. Your attitude and air of entitlement is no better than the slouching, obese, house coat and flip-flop wearing, welfare-queen baby mama who laughs all the way home while using YOUR tax dollars to pay for her groceries.


[W]hether teachers qualify as “professionals” is also a matter of dispute…


[G]ay marriage is a civil rights issue in the same sense that smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol are civil rights issues. Voluntary behavioral choices—particularly those that defy centuries of human experience—do not constitute civil rights.


The diversity cultist seems to have two primary objectives, the first of which is shared with the Democratic Party: pandering to women and minorities, who are presumably incapable of fending for themselves; and second, the diversity enthusiast is in the business of nurturing her own sense of moral superiority…

When progressives speak of “diversity,” they do not mean merely “difference or variety.” They are referring to a political crusade, the mascots and tokens of which are women, blacks, Hispanics, gays and every other group “victimized” and “excluded” by sinister white males.


Voter ID, for instance, hardly qualifies as “extreme.”


On Thursday came news that 16 local schools will offer free breakfast and lunch to needy children. Feeding hungry kids is a commendable enterprise, but it is “free” only in the sense that the happy recipients’ parents don’t have to pay for it.


Hayes-Greene’s nightmarish perception of modern American — a society seething with racism — is flagrantly, demonstrably false.

The Guilford Guardian subsequently folded.

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