Burnt Offerings

The A/C, fan motor replaced, just cut off at 75 degrees. It’d been out for five weeks. I put away the portables for next time.

The Wife wages war for a living. It is a terrible sight to behold.

She is haunted by the things she has to do.

I just bury the bodies.

Someday, I’ll tell the story of what she did to the home warranty insurer. You will laugh.

And then you will be in awe, or very afraid, like me.

If we hadn’t taken Darth Beetle to the parkway, I don’t think the A/C would ever have gotten fixed.

She really loves that car. Sometimes, I feel like I’m Oliver Reed and she’s Karen Black. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oswKV2DZZAU

Thank God we don’t have a pool.

I’m chillin’ in the Kia Soul, replete with A/C and Outlaw Country on Sirius.

It is now that those of us who mowed our yards at the highest setting begin not to look like fools.

I can’t work a job, mow two yards and grow any vegetables.

He-Man Women Hater’s University is producing lots of green breans and okra without my assistance, but from rainwater off the roof.  Preparations for Fall semester progress.

I’ve been amazed by the durability of the Gerber daisies in the flower boxes at the store.  Those fuckers take a beating, but so long as I keep them watered and fertilized, they remain enormous. I’m pulling worn out things and replacing them as required.  Dianthus has been the MVP, continuing to bloom for maybe five months.

I spent yesterday afternoon processing a big order w/ 1 day express postage. Then I schlepped the 18 lb box to the USPS on the third level of the mall, so it made the 5:30 truck. I’ve found that most of the problems in the world come from people with too much money.

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