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The Houston Lesson

AYK, what the citizens of Houston are enduring as a result of Harvey is unprecedented and horrific beyond imagining.  No amount of preparation could have been sufficient to deal with what follows.  That it happened to Houston is in one … Continue reading

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Fearrington Village

The Wife and I had the day off, yesterday and took Darth Beetle to Pittsboro, looking for a clothing store she’s heard about. We parked in a blighted area behind the restaurant, walked in, sat down at the bar and … Continue reading

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Trump’s Authoritarians

From Rush Limbaugh, Thursday: Bannon is conveying here that he is the decision-maker and strategist on these foreign policy subjects or questions and that Trump is just along for the ride… [T]he overall flavor of the interview is that Trump … Continue reading

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We’re Not Going to the Stars

From John Michael Greer: As tenured academics stopped turning up their noses at “all that Buck Rogers stuff,” as a handful of the more literary SF authors found their work being reviewed in highbrow periodicals and the genre as a … Continue reading

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Socialism or Barbarism

From Chris Hedges in 2015: “Bourgeois society faces a dilemma,” socialist Rosa Luxemburg writes, “either a transition to Socialism, or a return to barbarism … we face the choice: either the victory of imperialism and the decline of all culture, as in … Continue reading

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National Socialism

From Anne Applebaum at the WaPo in May, 2016: It’s been highly amusing to watch the international press struggle to describe Norbert Hofer, the candidate who has just lost, by a tiny handful of votes, the Austrian presidential election. Hofer bitterly opposes immigration and uses … Continue reading

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I Am a Nazi

No, I don’t brandish a shield or engage in racist violence.  In fact, I pretty much despise Christofascists and privileged White people in general.  I don’t know about God, but the gospels seem like a pretty good idea. I’m a … Continue reading

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The Want Machine

I just took a look and it’s been about a month since I held forth here on a subject.  That’s because, what with the job, the Wife and the cats, I haven’t had the opp to think at length about … Continue reading

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Because you are a bunch of losers. Because you abandoned #education, #labor and #peace. Because you sold your souls to #Neoliberalism. #Psychosis manifested as #paranoia from election loss. You suffer from #Melancholia aggravated by #CognitiveDissonance. Because #Liberal #Sneering only made … Continue reading

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Rich Higgins’ NSC Memo

From the recently fired NSC official: [P]olitical correctness is a weapon against reason and critical thinking… Trump is either the candidate he ran as, or he is nothing… Globalists and lslamists recognize that for their visions to succeed, America, both … Continue reading

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